Reply to Deadspin Hack

What up Maniacs! How's it been?

This weekend, UFC 170 went alright, not the greatest card ever, but pretty good. I'll admit I didn't watch the fights live, just watched the replays earlier and skipped the PPV. It sucked skipping the PPV, because I was actually interested in the main event, DC at 205 (even against a Starbucks employee) and Wonderboy vs Whittaker had the makings of a bangfest.

I was actually not looking forward to Maia vs MacDonald, I'm not a fan of either, but you know what, that was a great performance by Rory. He'll of a scrap, didn't expect that.

Anyway, as usual post-UFC event, we get a tornado of bitching. The main event ended controversially and Cummins lasted shorter than it takes to get a coffe from him in the drivethrough. But, as I said the other fights were all solid with two awesome finishes; RIP TJ Waldburger

Rousey and bitching have become synonymous, so that was expected, but overall it was a solid card.

I didn't buy it because I thought it'd suck, injuries depleted it, and I didn't feel like shelling out the cash. It happens, not all cards are great. Some may feel otherwise and bought it, to them it was worth the cash, it's just my opinion. I'm sure others skipped it, and I'm sure others bought it, and also some bad boys streamed it, I ain't judging anyone.

But when I came across this article on Deadspin, it kind of pissed me off. I'm not huge on Deadspin, but sometimes they have some good stuff; not this particular time.

I'll point out some highlights I like.

"Many of its biggest stars, from Ken Shamrock to Brock Lesnar, have been professional wrestlers. Most significant of all, it sells the exact same fantasy of consequence-free violence."

Ken Shamrock came to the WWE after he performed in the UFC. I'm aware of the fact that he professionally wrestled before the UFC somewhat in Japan, but his background was in Pancrease. Also, this is a big throwback, the UFC has changed a lot since Ken Shamrock joined the UFC, it's a completely different sport this day and age.

I have no idea what "consequence-free violence" refers to in terms of MMA. There is a structured ruleset, breaking the rules makes you applicable to consequence. Pretty dumb thing to say, but this is just the beginning.

"Boxing, as ugly and corrupt as it can be, is a sport that involves a great deal of athletic spectacle. Fighting, at least as presently sold, is the precise opposite, a contrived spectacle based mainly on what can be sold to whom that almost incidentally happens to involve a sport."

How is boxing a greater athletic spectacle? This is so ignorant to state. At least back up a blatantly idiotic assumption as such. Dumb.

"4) The main event was the less bad of the two, if just because while Sara McMann, an Olympic medalist in wrestling who hasn't had enough experience to evolve from a wrestler into a fighter, wasn't a viable contender, she was at least vaguely credible."

McMann turned pro a month after Rousey... so yeah

"The back story here is ridiculous. It involves Cormier's original opponent dropping out due to injury, and the UFC swapping in Pat Cummins, a part-time coffee shop worker and former collegiate wrestler who's struggled against bar fighter-level opposition on the regional circuits, after he volunteered on Twitter."

Research dumbass, Cummins destroyed the regional talent he faced, winning all 4 fights in the first round. One sheepdog search gives you that info. Also note Rashad Evans pulled out of the fight 10 days ago, finding a replacement in that time is tough, and Cahel Sonnen would of been a bad choice. He has a fight coming up against Sandy, and if he's knocked out, it kills a major event in Brazil in May.

And no, Anthony Johnson wouldn't be a good fill in either, he's a risk enough to make weight on regular notice, let alone 10 days.

Pat was actually an alright choice, you have to have DC on the card, they had a history, and it was Wolf ticktable in a sense. Some looked forward to DC kicking his ass.

Also DC at 205 is a force, also lets not act like he didn't fight Dion Stairing last year.

"6) These fights were insulting, and so was the way they were promoted. It was insulting that whoever runs their Twitter account decided to pass along Marlon Wayans's stated wish to smell Rousey's gloves and feet, and it was insulting that announcer Joe Rogan went on, as she made her way out to the cage, about how beautiful she is"

Who the hell cares if the UFC retests a joke from Marlon Wayans?? That's some Bloodyelbow shit. And really, Joe Rogan called her pretty.... let me grab my riot gear.

This dudes a hack who probably got his credentials blocked.

The UFC sells fights, nobody forces fans to watch. I'm a huge fan, I didn't buy it. When you buy a card you know the risk that comes with it, to me it wasn't worth the price, thus the risk.

I don't know, seems like the anti UFC wave has been at tsunami like levels as of late, all I know is it's not that hard to not buy a PPV. I'm a big boxing fan, this month coming up Canelo is on PPV in a pretty mediocre fight, I'm not buying it, and I don't think many others are, so where's the angry boxing articles on the sport being a con?

Stupid shit...ah well Fuck it. Robbie Lawler vs Johnny Hendricks in like 3 weeks!

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