KML Round 9 Results




to the results for season 3, round 9. We were finally treated to a few finishes after the ridiculously high amount of decisions we've been seeing lately. Hopefully the TUF China scrubs fighting next week build on that trend and knock each other the fuck out. Because quite frankly, if I'm going to dedicate 4-5 hours to an event full of nobodies with losing records and no potential to even reach the top 20 in their division, they better be finishing each other in a devastating manner. Anyways let's get down to da bidness

Event Winner

Scoring an average of 89.9 points per fighter is the way to go if you wanted to win this event. And our long time lurking friend Agar did exactly that. So what separated him from the few others in the top spots? He picked the glass cannon Pyle. I'm gonna speak for a few of us, but a lot of us pussied out on picking Pyle. Pyle has been getting clipped and dropped in almost every fight he's been in. Risky pick, but Agar mustered up the courage and picked him, and it paid off.

Who else on Agar's team paid off? Have a look:



Well done my man!

Top 10 for round 8:

For the second time this season Agar takes the maximum points.

RGIII shook off last weeks terrible performance by placing 2nd for 20 points.

Pilch scored a crucial 16 points, putting him at #1 in the standings.

Phase and myself are hanging in there, by scoring 6 and 4 points respectively.

OilCheck came in 10th for a measly point. Unfortunately for him, mmaoddsbreaker's Hemmi, tied him at 10th. They gotta share that point now ha!

Unlike our good friend Bons, I put shitpickers on blast. And you better believe I'm calling you out Mega! Fellow maniac Mega relieved RGIII of his duties for the weekend.

See below, and try to dissect the mind of the shitpicker:



Anyways, here's the round up of the top 10 (Hemmi tied for 10th, but not shown below):



League standings:

Pilch now holds the #1 spot with a 6.5 point lead.

OC's half a point only dropped him down to second.

Phase and myself are still in the race at 3rd and 4th.

Agar and Letstalk, are at 5th and 6th, and this rounds up the guys that could make a run for the top 2 spots with one event left.

The rest of ya'll, don't give up! Do well on the next event and get some momentum going for the next season!



Event winners:

  • Round 1: Phasebook and Oilcheck
  • Round 2: Oilcheck
  • Round 3: LetsTalkMMA
  • Round 4: Jelly_Belly and Agar
  • Round 5: Phasebook and Ninja
  • Round 6: Phasebook
  • Round 7: Oilcheck
  • Round 8: Aussie
  • Round 9: Agar

Next and LAST event.

UFC Fight Night: Kim vs Hathaway •
Saturday, March 1st, 2014
6:15 AM/3:15 AM ET/PT
Take note, it's in the AM!!! So don't forget to make your picks on Friday!


Bons will be back next week. I hope you guys enjoy this league as much as I do and hopefully we get all of you to come back next season!

Don't be scared, sluts!

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