Georges St. Pierre wants to 'attack the system' and insists he's not scared of Dana White

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Because White is just doing his job as a promoter, according to the crepe'd crusader, and at the end of the day, Lorenzo Fertitta is the man in charge.

Georges St. Pierre is a man on a mission.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder has declared war on drugs, and will not rest until the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) is able to clean up its act. Or, at the very least, have the right systems in place to help prevent rampant steroid use, as well as other performance enhancing drugs (PED).

It's one of the reasons he left the sport behind last December.

Following his departure, which came after months of going "crazy" (and a controversial split-decision win over Johnny Hendricks), St. Pierre came under fire from UFC President Dana White, who accused the French-Canadian of being "way out of line" with his comments.

But "Rush" tells Michael Landsberg on "Off the Record" that he's not taking it personally, because White is doing his job as a promoter and St. Pierre has the support of the fight community. And, when push comes to shove, he'll have to answer to his "boss," UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

His words (via MMA Fighting):

"What do I want to attack? I want to attack the system. I don't want to attack the individual. People have to understand, I don't want to attack the UFC. I'm one of the guys that stands for the sport, stands for the UFC. I want to do that to help the brand, help the sport. I'm one of the guys that fights for the legitimacy of my sport. I think right now there is a big problem. When I came out with this I got so many text messages from guys who are afraid to speak. Not even fighters, reporters are afraid to lose their credentials, but they tell me 'You're doing the right thing. We support you.' Lorenzo is the boss. You have to understand, I'm not afraid or mad at Dana. Dana is the promoter. He said stuff and I don't take it personally. Dana is the business guy. He's a promoter and it's his role as a business man to want to make a rematch [with Johny Hendricks] because it will attract a lot of people. That's his role. He doesn't care if you like it or love it or hate it, he wants you to tune in. That's the main role of Dana White. He did it well. Everyone reacted. He doesn't care if people say, 'Oh he's so bad!' No, he's not. He's a promoter. Probably the best promoter in the world right now, of all sports."

It should be noted that Fertitta was "shocked" to hear St. Pierre's stance on drug testing.

The longtime pay-per-view (PPV) king has been non-committal about a return to the Octagon after temporarily hanging up the gloves; however, "Rush" remains under contract to ZUFFA, so he would be unable to pull a Gilbert Melendez or if he retired, a Randy Couture.

Not that either scenario would do him any good during his "attack" on the system.


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