Winner's Circle: What a victory means for UFC 170's featured fighters

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What does a victory mean for UFC 170 main and co-main event fighters Ronda Rousey, Sara McMann, Daniel Cormier and Patrick Cummins this Saturday night (Feb. 22, 2014) at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada? We take a look at the possible outcomes and future consequences for each of these combatants below.

UFC 170: "Rousey vs. McMann" features four undefeated fighters in both the main and co-main events -- including one fighter that shouldn't even be there to begin with.

UFC women's bantamweight champion and blossoming mainstream superstar Ronda Rousey defends her title against the accomplished Olympic medalist Sara McMann, which is the only time you'll see two Olympians slug it out in a UFC main event.

For now, anyway.

In the co-main event, Daniel Cormier takes on the relatively unknown Patrick Cummins, who stepped up on short notice after Rashad Evans suffered an injury and bowed out of the fight just 10 days in advance. You have to give props to Cummins for wanting the fight; however, your thumbs should be pointing down, with your disapproval aimed at UFC.

With the majority of this card's excitement focused on these two contests (if there is any excitement left), let us look into the near future and map out what a victory on Saturday night might mean for these four athletes.

Here we go:

Ronda Rousey

Believe it or not, a win for Rousey would do greater things for her outside of the cage than inside.

Having already graced the covers of numerous magazines, along with her involvement in Hollywood, proves that Rousey is becoming closer to a celebrity figure more so than a fighter. That doesn't mean she's not the best fighter in the division, and you have to give her credit for what she's done.

But, Rousey's biggest test lies outside the UFC.

Say what you will about steroids and Cristiane Justino's physical appearance, but that fight is the Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao of women's MMA.

And those are both two fights we'll likely never get to see.

If Rousey wins (and she should), she's already wiped the floor with everyone UFC has to offer. With the unfortunate tragedy that marred Cat Zingano's fighting life, she shouldn't be included in the conversation until she's ready to come back.

That leaves us with rematches, mismatches, and everything in between. It also leaves us wondering what's left for Rousey in a division where stiff challenges would be non-existent.

Every TMZ and Access Hollywood lover out there would see clips of that mean girl in UFC do her thing, and that's a boost for her image and post-fighting plans, as she attracts more interest from people who couldn't tell you the difference between Don Frye and Tom Selleck.

Sara McMann

Apart from McMann shocking the world and getting the biggest win of her career, it would rock the women's bantamweight division -- and Rousey's plans of superstardom.

It would be an upset of grandiose proportions, but it would prove that Rousey was nowhere near invincible, and that "Rowdy" never had anyone like McMann step up to the plate.

It's unlikely to happen, but the minimal experience that both athletes possess as MMA fighters is a positive for the challenger.

An immediate rematch would be likely with a McMann win, since UFC boss Dana White would detest having to watch "the biggest star the company has ever had" lose after giving her the praise she doesn't deserve just yet.

It would also open up the division.

However, with the uncertainty that looms in regards to Zingano, and with the winner of Miesha Tate against Liz Carmouche at UFC on FOX 11 (along with the winner of Jessica Eye versus Alexis Davis on this very card) poking their head out of the door, there aren't many options outside of a second duel against "Rowdy."

Daniel Cormier

Honestly, a win for Cormier means absolutely nothing.

Even if he's making his light heavyweight debut, what does Cormier accomplish? How important is a win over someone who wasn't exactly expected to be much outside of the regional circuit?

It's interesting that Cormier didn't deny the accusations that Cummins made about him crying during training, but we could be buying wolf tickets here, too.

The worst part is, Cormier can't justify making a claim for the title by trouncing Cummins, and there's no doubt he would have to put in another day's work over a worthy opponent afterward.

It may not be a boxing event promoted by Lou DiBella, but this is the closest thing to a tune up fight as you're going to get.

The best competing against the best ... right?!

Patrick Cummins

How in the hell can UFC justify Cummins winning here?

They picked him up out of nowhere, presumably still smelling like espresso beans, and slotted him in the co-main event to make Cormier and the fans happy.

But, how happy are you?

Without even mentioning that a win for Cummins would be the biggest upset in UFC history, it would look really, really bad if he beat a guy whose next fight could have been for the title if he bested Rashad Evans.

We're glad Cormier is on the card; however, if "Durkin" somehow actually wins this fight, this could be the end of the "ultimate proving ground" as we know it.

He'll for sure get a hefty contract extension, and to make matters worse, assessing his next fight would be even more problematic than this one -- because who do you match him up against? It's a freak show fight, plain and simple. Dana White likes to refer to this as a "Rocky" story.

If anything, it's more like a Jamaican Bobsled Team story.

That's a wrap.

For the full UFC 170: "Rousey vs. McMann" finalized fight card, click here.

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