KML Round 8 Results



to the results for season 3, round 8.The best way to score points on Kountermove, is to simply pick a fighter who will finish their fight. Preferably in the first round. However, that become quite a difficult thing to do considering that the last 25 fights in the UFC has returned 21 fuckin decisions!!

Event Winner

So when you score an average 74.5 points per fighter, you wouldn't normally expect to win. Not the lowest average to win an event, but still enough for Aussie to claim top spot this event. His coup de grace was splashin the cash on Erica Silva. $6200 for an almost guaranteed 100+ points had to be cutely balanced with fighters on a tight budget.

And Aussie managed it perfectly.

Here's how he got it done:


Congrats mate. Well done Skippy!

Top 10 for round 8:

For the first time this season Aussie takes the maximum points.

VHW rounded off a good night placing 2nd for 20 points.

Letstalk and Jelly scored some invaluable points in their race for the title.

Seriously hate mentioning shit-picker in the KML, but when it's Mr G at rock bottom....lmao

See below for the round up of the top 10


League standings:

Oily scoring 4 points manages to hold top spot.

Phase scoring minimal points is still the hunt.

Trip in 3rd only 9 points from the top

Jelly and Lettalk round up the top 5 with only 13 points distance from the top.

With 2 events remaining, this is still wide open for the top 5.


Event winners:

  • Round 1: Phasebook and Oilcheck
  • Round 2: Oilcheck
  • Round 3: LetsTalkMMA
  • Round 4: Jelly_Belly and Agar
  • Round 5: Phasebook and Ninja
  • Round 6: Phasebook
  • Round 7: Oilcheck
  • Round 8: Aussie

Next event.

UFC 170: Rousey vs McMann •
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


Just to let you all know, next week I'm goin on the piss for a few days in Germany and Poland, so I wont be around. I will send the link for the next event on Wednesday and a reminder link on Thursday night. After that, I'm not around.

The only man to score points every event so far, Jelly_Belly, will be looking after the results post.

Thank for being a part of this everyone!


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