TrashTalkTwitterThursday 7

Welcome to TrashTalkTwitterThursday7

The comment section is like a soapopera. An online "Days of our lives" with neverending drama, trolling, feuds, beefs and Races. Lot's of white power, Sieg Heiling Races.

But it doesn't stop there. No. Maniacs have been representing quite manly in the land of 140 characters also known as Twitter.

This segment, brought to you by Gogo, (Disposed of as esthetically challenged kid, now an angry ass internet stud that takes out his frustrations on random innocent noobs), :


,is here to highlight all the festivities that you may have missed in case you don't have a twitter account.

Check it out :

Here's a contemporary Hip-Hop version of the Beatles classic "Help !":

Help him out and follow 209stk. Don't be scared Nig... homie.

Yeah, and i would slash Miesha Tate's head off and fuck her severed headhole just to be with Miesha Tate...






Think about it.

lol, Plainview got... you know what i'll let this gif do the talking...

Alright, you Boyd Burton look-a-likes. This was the sseventth tittytitty (TTTT): TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

If you see a tweet that was funny, moving, or revolting: post it in the comment section below. If you're wandering why this Tittytitty is rather light on content and i'm half-assing it... stop posting, make a new username and start over again...


the thing is, i just started college this monday and there's like 69 slutty college bitches that want to 69 me 69 times. That's at least according to the 69 rumors that have been spreading since the last 69 hours. Soooo... i've been busy with compiling a top 69 pound for pound spanking ranking list out of the all viable cuntidates begging to do squatting exercises on my fat fucking veiny cock.

So there, i'm sure all you perfect 10 hunks can show a little understanding as to why this Tittytitty is what it is.

Oh and guys, if you think young ladies in the prime of their lives always smell great... they don't.

Ladies, if you think spraying your stank armpits with deoderant covers up the stench of you having shitty hygiene works... it doesn't.

Seriously, there's like 80 broads in my class and a lot of the time the stench is fucking unbearaborrible. Chicks aren't allowed to stink. You just aren't... under any circumstances. #stinkuntz

Twitter is gigantic and I could use all the help I can get to make sure everybody that's worthy of props, get their props.

Also, if you're not on twitter yet, make a account and post your handle in the comments below. The more the merrier, baby. ;-)

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this shit and stay tuned for the next episode of TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

I wanna threaten to kill you multiples times, stick a gun in your mouths, show up at your BJJ gym with a gun all coked out and have an armed stand-off with the police.

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