TJ Waldburger: Beating Mike Pyle at UFC 170 proves I'm one of the best in the world

Mark Kolbe

And based on what "Quicksand" said a few days back, the feeling is mutual.

Just last week, veteran welterweight Mike Pyle said that beating TJ Waldburger at UFC 170, which takes place on Feb. 22, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, would be enough to launch him into the top 10 of his division (read it).

Apparently, that door swings both ways.

Waldburger is also expecting to get a huge bump in the 170-pound rankings (see them here) by drowning "Quicksand" later this month in "Sin City," and tells Sherdog's Beatdown Radio that pounding Pyle proves to the world he's one of the best around.

His words:

"When I beat him, it's going to say a lot. It's going to prove to the UFC, it's going to prove to the world that I am top 20, top 10, one of the best in the world. He's my next step, and that's what I have to do. He's dangerous everywhere. I'm not looking for an easy one-dimensional fighter or an easy fight. I want a guy who is dangerous in all aspects. He's a veteran of the sport, so he knows how to blend it right. He knows how to time it right. I'm looking forward to an action-packed fight from standing to clinch, grappling and ground. I think it's a great match; I think it's a great fight."

No reason why this compelling scrap can't qualify for "Fight of the Night."

That's an honor Waldburger can likely use at this stage of his career, having struggled to gain any kind of momentum in the stacked welterweight division. The Texan was knocked out in his last fight against Strikeforce import Adlan Amagov and has yet to string together three consecutive wins under the ZUFFA banner.

Beating Pyle would definitely be a great start ... but would it make him one of the world's best?

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