Solutions, Inc. The Beginning

The inevitable black hole enticed me to circle the drain yet again a few days ago. You all know what I'm talking about- a current topic juicy enough to draw everyone in at some point and time, even if only momentarily. TRT.

Yep, TRT again. Another Vitor thread and the same conversation. But you can't always just leave it alone. You gotta jump in there on occasion and join the proverbial mud fight. It's a right of passage in some weird way. It's the small portal that transforms a lurker into a poster here at mania, and we need these wormholes wherever we can get them. There's a lot of good perspectives out there and who are we to deny ourselves the chance at discovering a point of view that may be birthed directly into common sense from and origin of nonexistence?

Jumping in on these charged athletic political debates can, if nothing else, really show you where you personally stand on a particular issue. But at the same time they can make you wonder the same. Seems to me that the cause of this is the merry go round effect. You hop on, get spun around at high speeds, and get off dizzier than a border crosser who just got tonked in the middle of the night by a pack of wild boot strapped green jackets.

See- it's the ride and the exit that I get hung up on. I forget about where I was before Mary told me to jump on her and take a ride. Perspective- it changes when you start spinning and get off dizzy. That's what hot topics do you us. You've got to salute their abilities to instigate a bee hive. The TRT issue is almost as juicy and delicious as one of the hottest topics to ever grace the screens of mmamania: Bacon vs. Canadian Bacon.

I want more from this TRT argument though. In fact, I want more from all the arguments. I want to spend less time spinning- I'll enjoy the ride more that way. Solutions: that's what I'm looking for. They don't come easy and there's rarely one that satisfies everyone. The challenge lies in introducing solutions that satisfy higher percentages of the masses while not pissing off too many of the leftover.

So where do we start with TRT? At the beginning: with you.

Yes, you. The fan. Define your wants. We're all here because we love this sport. It's your sport. It's a sport in it's infancy. This is a rare opportunity for a fan. What you want out of this sport will be more influential to a sport than what any fan wants out of any other sport. And I'm speaking to all of you maniacs, both peasants and staff. This is the fastest growing sport in the world and these are the most knowledgeable fans and participants in the world. And I mean that. Right here at mmamania. Essentially there's a wealth of knowledge about a lesser known subject that's gaining in popularity. If this were a financial platform it might be described as having opening shares in a start up company that was taking off. So let's get some solutions developed.

The beginning: I want you to tell me way you want from MMA. What is it that draws you to this sport? I'll kick it off.

I watch professional sports because I want to watch the best of the best compete. I want to see who's the best. I want to see who fine tunes their craft in a way others can't. In order for me to convince myself of who is the absolute best I need there to be a level playing field. I don't want any doubt. When there's doubt, there is no doubt. I want my questions as to who's the absolute best answered convincingly. There's little room for "what ifs" in my mind- I'm just not into that.

And I want all this done with a touch of class. I love MMA because of the "A". The art. This is an art. I don't know much about traditional art but this art is beautiful to me. Paintings and sculptures don't do much for me but the manipulative three dimensional skills of the human body in both action and reaction do. It's far from barbaric to me and those particular comments about MMA really get under my skin. To me this is a sport of respect and that begins at the bottom level.

Chime in, maniacs. What do you want from your MMA? Getting to solutions is a process. First we need to get the boat in the water.

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