MANIA Fantasy Basketball Week 10 Standings and Week 11 Previews


Team W-L-T Pct GB Waiver Moves
1 avatar DoctorNBA 55-33-2 .622 - 5 6
2 avatar Cannabis Muchachoes 53-36-1 .594 2.5 11 7
3 avatar Oscar Bravo's 52-37-1 .583 3.5 1 37
4 avatar HankGotShotInTheHead 51-38-1 .572 4.5 4 34
5 avatar Joben 50-40-0 .556 6 3 3
6 avatar letstalk 47-42-1 .528 8.5 12 5
7 avatar Unambig Unshaved 45-45-0 .500 11 8 21
8 avatar Mike Hunt's Team 39-50-1 .439 16.5 6 12
9 avatar The Stinky~Jordans 38-52-0 .422 18 7 4
10 avatar Locc's ShootingStars 37-53-0 .411 19 2 -
11 avatar Mun's Team 35-54-1 .394 20.5 10 6
12 avatar Potatos 34-56-0 .378 22 9 2

The Injury Bug kept coming and for some teams in our Mania fantasy basketball league, the key players lost might alter the tides of the competition. Let's review who were down, out and those who won't be returning for this season:

  1. Brook Lopez - Phasebook - The Net's big man broke his foot and won't be back until this season. This would mean Phase losing his 2nd round draft pick and his double doubles per game. (Phase already waived him)
  1. Chris Paul - The Next Damn Champ - The Clippers' floor leader will be out for 5-6 weeks after separating his shoulder. This will be a big hit for The Next Damn Champ as Paul has been playing MVP-like performances.

  1. Kobe Bryant - Mun - Kobe's hyperextended left knee will keep him out until the All-Star break (February). The Lakers won't be making the playoffs this year but for fantasy values, Pau Gasol, Nick Young and their new point guard Kendall Marshall might still be valuable.

  1. Russel Westbrook - Hank - This was a surpised move by Westbrook deciding to undergo surgery for his knee. This would mean losing points, assists and 3-PT made for Mun until the All-Star break.

  1. Al Horford - dlocc - Al just tore his right pectorals and he will be out of the season. I don't know why dlocc is still holding onto him. Must be that dlocc does not care anymore? Your guess is as good as mine.

  1. Ryan Anderson - broken orbital - The Pelican's do-it-all power forward suffered a cervical stinger (pinched nerve in the spine) during his fall in Boston. This is a very dangerous injury but the good news is that he is actively communicating with his family, friends and team mates.
  1. Marc Gasol - Mun - Memphis' dominant Center is already on the healing process for his torn MCL and might be back by last week of January so this will be good news for Mun. Expect Marc to still be limited in playing though as he warms up.

  1. Rajon Rondo - Potato623 - Boston's premier point guard is still in the process of rehabbing his torn ACL. Potato has held on so long and he seemed hell-bent on keeping him on his team even if it means all zeroes on the stat line.
  1. Steve Nash - dlocc - The Lakers' best point guard is still out with his back injury. That's two injured players that dlocc is keeping.


  • Bons has made the most number of moves with 37, followed by Hank at 34 and Phase at 21

  • Dlocc has not made any moves so far with potato623 (2) and Joben (3) and ricky dooby (4)

  • Not to lift my chair but I seemed to have hit the jackpot with Kendall Marshall of the Los Angeles Lakers as he has played well in the last two games with 15 and 17 assists respectively.


PHASE (7th) vs DOCTOR MMA (1st)

HANK (4th) vs BROKEN ORBITAL (8th)


POTATO623 (12th) vs JOBEN (5th)


MUN (11th) vs LETSTALKMMA (6th)

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