Manager: Bigfoot Silva's testosterone was so low, he was actually lactating

Chris Hyde

I apologize to any readers currently slurping down a glass of milk.

So this really happened.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Antonio Silva has been struggling with his testosterone for years, something that started back in the EliteXC days when "Bigfoot" was in trouble with the California State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and ended with a failed drug test at UFC Fight Night 33 (details).

Silva has low test.

How low? Well, when his longtime manager Alex Davis first came on board, his client's testosterone levels were so bad he was actually lactating, something that compelled the hulking Brazilian to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

From The MMA Hour:

"When I started managing him, he was actually lactating. He has extreme low testosterone. He has extremely low testosterone, so he has a real reason to be on TRT. I didn't really take part in the [Fight Night] TRT process. There was a miscommunication between him and his doctor. If I was in the middle of it maybe we would have avoided it. I didn't realize I needed to be involved. He took the instructions wrong, but he did not try to cheat. What happened was, there was a miscommunication with the doctor and he ended up taking injections at the wrong time. He was taking (once) a month then started taking (once) a week. He took one a week before the fight and one at the week of the fight, which wasn't supposed to. It got mixed up."

There you have it.

UFC -- which acts as its own regulatory commission overseas -- sat Silva for nine months before stripping him of his $50,000 "Fight Night" bonus (more on that here). "Bigfoot" lashed out at the doctor who administered his TRT, who in turn claimed he wasn't even the Brazilian's doctor.

Lots of finger pointing from both sides.

In any event, the 34 year-old Silva -- whose draw against Mark Hunt was changed to a "no contest" -- is working on his health after having shoulder surgery earlier this month (pic). He's expected to return to the cage later this year against an opponent to be named.

So ... who's thirsty?

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