UFC Roster: Global Domination?



What’s up maniacs, I compiled some data, been doing some research the past couple of weeks and analyzed the UFC men’s roster to get an idea of which countries produce the most talent.

Shockingly the American’s rule the American-based promotion, about 50% of the roster is from the US.

*Note these stats may not be entirely accurate, considering the always changing UFC roster, but I did my best using (great source for UFC’s roster by the way, Matt Hughes and Chuck still fight.) I came up with a total of 385 Men’s fighters. Math may be a bit off percentage wise, but it’s just a general overview.

USA: 50%
Brazil: 20%
Canada: 6%
Japan: 4%
UK: 3%
Russia: 3%
Other Countries: 14%

In total, the UFC has fighters from 33 different countries. Australia seems to be one of the rising markets in the sport, and Asia is booming. Seems a good bunch are coming out of South Korea, but the Japanese fighters continue to disappoint in the US.

Russia is obviously exploding as well, but oddly the majority of their fighters are coming from 170 and below. Typically when you think Russia, you think big, but there are no Russian’s in the UFC over 170, unless you count Krylov who’s technically from the Soviet, but is Ukrainian.

Rising MMA markets within the UFC: Sweden, Poland, and South Korea

Places that could use a TUF:

A TUF would be great for Mexico, they only have 3 fighters on the roster and Mexico is known for filling the lighter weight classes in Boxing. UFC could use some more Mexican blood.

Philippines: Like the Mexican’s the Filipino’s are scrappy little guys, and there’s really decent talent there unlike Mexico and China. Philippines could be the UFC’s next South Korea.

Western Europe: We’ve seen a bunch of UK, Australia, China, and Brazil TUF’s. I say they expand on the Nation’s idea and setup a 4-team tournament between Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland.

Coach Germany: Pascal Krause
Coach Switzerland: Martin Kampmann
Coach Finland: Tom Ninimaki
Coach Sweden: Akira

Doesn’t matter who the coaches are, just grab 16 fighters, 4 from each country and have a tourney.

South Africa: Not sure what the UFC has to get done with sanctioning, but I’d like to see an attempt at the African market. Like TUF China, they’re going to suck, but it’s about tapping into the market and generating interest more so than finding the next Forrest Griffin.

Continental Breakdown:

North America: 56.4%
South America: 20.4%
Asia: 10.5%
Europe: 10.5%
Australia: 2%
Africa: .02%

Unfortunately there are no Eskimos in the UFC yet, who needs them anyway? I never much cared for them.

Divisional Synopsis:

Heavyweight: The heavyweight division is one of the more shallow divisions in MMA. American’s are about 50% of the roster, Brazil has the next most with 6, and Europe has 5 while Australia/New Zealand provide 3. There is a Brazil TUF (if it’s not cancelled ha ha) that has Heavyweights, so maybe 3 or 4 new HW’s come into play.

Division lacks Russians and Europeans! In boxing, according to the IBO rankings (I know) 6 out of the top 10 Heavyweights are from European. Boxing is much more popular than MMA worldwide, especially in Europe, it’s important the UFC starts discovering/recruiting Euro bigs…just not Tyson Fury’s!

LHW: Only 26 fighters are in the division, UFC needs to seriously add some talent there, Phil Davis literally has nobody to fight. Since UFC 158, there hasn’t been a LHW bout.

MW: MW is hands down the best division in MMA, very balanced and well-rounded fighters from all over the world.

WW: Much like the middleweight division, welterweight is pretty diverse and talent-rich. Would like to see more Russian, Canadian, and South Korean talent here.

LW: Lightweight is nuts, the deepest roster in the UFC. Probably going to see massive cuttings within the division, especially with the Asian fighters they’re bringing in.

Featherweight: Featherweight is surprisingly the least diverse division in the UFC. Outside the US and Brazil there’s not much diversity. There’s tremendous talent(Siver, Lamas, McGregor), but they aren’t very supported within this division by their fellow countryman. Brazil and the US dominate the division.

Bantamweight/Flyweight: I think this ought to improve over time, but 39/67 within these two divisions are from the US. The rest is rounded out by Brazil and Brazil. I think the UFC’s goal is to add more Mexican, Filipino, and Asian talent here, and it should happen. We could see a shift in the next 5 years if not sooner.

Fun Fact: There’s 12 active Pride fighters left

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