Welcome to TrashTalkTwitterThursday4

The comment section is like a soapopera. An online "Days of our lives" with neverending drama, trolling, feuds, beefs and Taiter'd. Lot's of Taiter'd.

But it doesn't stop there. No. Maniacs have been representing quite fastidiously in the land of 140 characters also known as Twitter.

This segment, brought to you by Gogo, (an absolute asshole):

:'-( ,is here to highlight all the festivities that you may have missed in case you don't have a twitter account.

Check it out :

Out of all the scrumptious hunks that are part of the UFC roster none may be hunk-esque-ier than George Sotiropoulous. After posing on back to back issues of the front cover of Fit- Magazine and Bodybuilder displaying his perfectly chizzled and sculpted body, ViolentMike recently made a disturbing and shocking discovery:

(backstory: It's never cool to make fun of someone for the way they look and shame on you if you do but Jesus Christ, what a weird looking fuck this guy is:

Pablo's assshake brings all the boys to the yard

And he's like,
Its better than yours,
Damn right its better than yours,
He can teach you,
But he'd have to charge

Yes, that's exactly what you think it is. Cruz Jackson won an assbet meaning that Pablo has to show his buttcheeks to thousands of his twittergroupies while they go "oooh" and " aahhh" and "oh god, oh god, uh... uh... uhh.. aaaaarrrrghh... *sigh * uuhhhh... *exhale * jesus christ, so good... *wipes and throws tissue away *.

Ok, maybe that last part was just me, lol.

Follow Pablo, your clit will thank you.

Isaac Vallie-Flagg Taiter'd is an inspiration to all of us. Besides being a UFC-fighter with an impressive

14-4-1 record, a Maniac and (obviously) a perfect 10, he never seems to be down on his spirits no matter what setbacks he's forced to endure in his career :

Despite suffering his first loss since 2007 (snapping a 5 fight unbeaten streak) against Elias Silverio (UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Philippou) he still manages to crack a winning smile while photobombing his teammate Clay Guida. A loss for a professional fighter , especially in a sport as brutal as MMA can have the most debilitating psychological effect on one's mind (see Mark Munoz post-Chris Weidman). To see him not taking himself so seriously after one the worst things that can happen to a pro-fighter inspires to me and should inspire you too, to not be such a sourpuss all the goddamn time. You'll be back, Isaac. We believe in you.

This guy !

Moist yet ?

Plainview, internet scourge, terrorizing the twitter sphere since time immemorial, is back on mania. As is usual, after an exile period from mania, it's to be expected that you tone it down for a while since the powers that be are watching your ass like a Masturbrai... hawk (ahem). So let's take a look a best of Plainview : Banned !

Welcum back, fruitcake.

Not quite sure what happened here but Boyd Borton (you know, that dude that eventually became Fallon "Queen of Swords" (lol) Fox) was trying to bang talking mma with some broad and Stockton slugger 209stk (god bless his banned soul) got involved... check it out:


Can't stop the Gogo and 209 doubleteam, son. (Special thanks to the Jersey Shore guest appearance for the money shot towards the end, you did a bang up job). Follow 209stk, we're in Lodi, bitch!

So what happens when grown ass with nothing to do on a saturdaynight have an internet connection, puerile minds, twitter and misplaced imagination?

We take movietitles and transform them into their porn equivalent... for hours on end... non-stop...

Alright, you handsome studs. This was the fourth quadruple T (pronounced: tittytitty): TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

If you see a tweet that was funny, moving, revolting, or was tweeted by a tough guy: Let PrivateBox know in the comment section below. He'll deal with them one by one, tough guy by tough guy... and then welch.

Twitter is gigantic and I could use all the help I can get to make sure everybody that's worthy of props, get their props.

Also, if you're not on twitter yet, make a account and post your handle in the comments below. The more the merrier, baby. ;-)

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this shit and stay tuned for the next episode of TTTT: TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

I lust after each and every one of your ballsacks. Xoxo

Especially you Josh Thomson:

(Backstory: I wanna have his babies. Yeah, that's it, no jokes, nothing clever to say... Josh is fucking hot and i'd go gay for him in a heartbeat. End of fucking story. WAR THE PUNK!!! 3rd round TKO

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