MoneyPool Results - UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs Philippou

Whats up Maniacs!

Better late than never, right? Not too sure where Phase is spending his vacation, but it must be damn good. Hes in ladyboy heaven perhaps? Hope all is well with Psy. Anyway, I thought I'd throw together a quick MP post so y'all can get in your last minute verbals at each other before Benson whoops on Josh a little bit.

Onto the results:


- Rockhold once again showed why he is a legit contender to the MW throne by dispatching Poo-Poo with ease.

- While Tavares keeps proving he belongs with each fight, Larkin reminded us why he is quickly heading in the direction of Overrated-ville. Next stop Can-Town aka The Pat Barry District.

- TJ Dilla showed us he is here to stay, and is a legit contender to the title. Easton showed us he is not.

- Brunson fell short but showed he has a great range of tools. While Yoel proves that cock punching, shitting your pants, and using illegal elbows can get you ahead in life.

- HB time! And Sicilia was blown outta the water by Cole. Almost felt sorry for those who chose that short armed midget..almost

- John 'get my ass beat and the judges will reward me with a win' Moraga, employed the tried n true reverse psychology approach with Dustin's fists

- Ramsey was simply too good for Justin. He could've fought with both hands tied behind his back, and his nose would've still TKO'd Justin

- Our very own IVF fell short to the tactically/technically superior Elias. Tough luck amigo, will always root for you.

- Smith sucks shit so that makes Houston a dummy who sucks waaay worse shit. Fuck them both. And as any director would say during a bad take, cuuuut!

- Louis Smolka is my fighter of the night, mahfucka got skills n didnt give a single fuck about Oz and his rep. Kicked his ass from hooter to hooter. It was glorious!

- I cant remember the Pichel/Whiteley fight, but I bet they're the type of dudes to high 5 each other with both hands and then lock fingers

- Fuck Brenneman n his stupid hair, hes no Spaniard. Mahfucka has to be from France or some shit

Here's how we all scored for this event..

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 86 MMA_Boss View Picks
2 84 Aussie View Picks
3 80 kimuralloverurface View Picks
4 78 Jido7 View Picks
4 78 pabloXL View Picks
4 78 broken0rbital View Picks
7 77 Lazarus7 View Picks
7 77 jelly_belly View Picks
9 76 ShivanTiger View Picks
10 75 GotaHemmi View Picks
11 73 Agar View Picks
11 73 Donnmcslick View Picks
11 73 TripPilch View Picks
14 72 Phasebook View Picks
14 72 swiftman View Picks
16 71 goldmouth View Picks
17 69 KashAcous View Picks
18 67 ViolentMike View Picks
18 67 thepride View Picks
20 65 dildon View Picks
20 65 roy1 View Picks
20 65 henryheimlich View Picks
23 63 RGIII View Picks
24 61 kg12 View Picks
25 60 Deuce02 View Picks
26 58 sklart View Picks
26 58 Snake_Pliskan View Picks
28 57 letstalkmma View Picks
29 56 ricky-dooby View Picks
30 53 VicDundee View Picks
31 51 donkeypunch81 View Picks
31 51 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop View Picks
33 49 SanabriaMan View Picks
34 48 BNF View Picks
35 46 Rilly View Picks
35 46 Dlocc View Picks
35 46 diazsweedman View Picks
38 45 JohnDanahersHair View Picks
38 45 Gurthee View Picks
40 44 unambig View Picks
40 44 Joben View Picks
42 40 Jonnyboy6969 View Picks
42 40 biggant View Picks
44 34 DoctorMMA View Picks
45 33 OilCheck View Picks
45 33 Tap-or-snap-Bons View Picks
47 19 potato623 View Picks

TOP THREE as follows:

First place and congratulations to MMA_Boss


- Scored 86 points total

- Ranked 25th in PG from 1387

- 9/12 correct picks

- 4 perfect picks including the Hot Bout


Second place went to Aussie


- Scored 84 points total

- Ranked 37th in PG from 1387

- 9/12 correct picks

- 4 perfect picks including the Hot Bout

- The points from the Pichel/Whiteley fight was the only difference between 1st and 2nd


Third place went to kimuralloverurface


- Scored 80 points total

- Ranked 68th in PG out of 1387

- 10/12 correct picks

- 4 perfect picks. Missed out on the Hot Bout


The coveted


Award goes to..

potato623 - Congratulations on getting Romero'd, homie!


- Scored 19 points total (LOL)

- Ranked an impressive 1337th in PG from 1387

- 3/12 correct picks

- 0 perfect picks and got fucked out of the Ortiz bout (LOL again)

- Single handedly saved Oilcheck and Tap-or-snap-Bons from 'Shit Picker' status..

PHEEW!! right guys? ahaha, hi5 potato! Submit your selfie and your man card asap


Overall standings:




Week 1: DoctorMMA

Week 2: 'The Master' pabloXL

Week 3: kg12

Week 4: unambig

Week 5: MMA_Boss

Week 6: ???

Next event: UFC on Fox 10: Benson 'Smooth' Henderson vs Josh 'The Punk' Thompson January 25 in Chi town IL.

Get your picks in on point, and most importantly, on time. The race is heating up at the business end of the title race as we head into the championship rounds. Bring your A-Game Maniacs!

Over to you..

**The $500 bet between OilCheck and Rilly is heating up, big time!! One point in it ffs! Will it be Alaska or Australia?? #Bangfestival!!

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