Watched a Behind the Scenes video of a UFC event and found something to be Alarming

I was going through UFC videos on youtube until I found some of their behind the scenes footage, and something just didn't sit well with me. Now I'm not going to go around making accusations of specific fighters because obviously what im throwing out there is unsubstantiated at this point. I'm strictly just throwing this out there as food for thought based off what I grew up around and what I know from my experiences in life.

Now if you go watch the behind the scenes videos, there is some crazy black guy going around yelling "We're Rollllinnnnn!!" And this isnt just the one off thing, every video I watched that guy is there screaming that same line at the top of his lungs.

Now lets say, I go up and down my street and start screaming.. "We're Blazzziinn!!" Everyone and their mom is going to think I'm on weed and high off my ass. And you know what? They're not wrong for making that assumption based off what I said and how I was acting.

Now I've been to huge music festivals, and had to walk through the middle of raves that were going on, to get to the stages of the other music performing acts. Now its these transitions through the rave rooms where I learned what it means to be "Rollin".

It's a term people use when they're tripping balls on E, ecstasy to be exact. At these festivals I've had numerous chicks come up to me and tell me I was cute and then ask me if I was "rolling".. once I realized that's what they were talking about, I was like hell no im not, I'm just trying to get through wtf I look like bitch. I felt disrespected that anyone would even try to insinuate I was a tweaker. A couple of them are lucky they were cute and acting hella horny or I definitely wouldn't have let some tweaker bitches gobble my nuts up.

But that's besides the point. It got me to thinking about UFC events, and how eerily similar they have their arenas set up like they were huge raves. Crazy loud music pumping through massive speakers, neon lights being strobed throughout the arena, and when Wanderlei's music hits I see people going apeshit the same as if they were at a rave. Wandy's walkout music is basically the anthem that plays at all raves. I hear that music and I feel like I'm on E as it is and ive never tried E in my life, nevermind how crazy it must be when you are actually on that shit listening to it.

I think about it, and I ask who's the head of all this, who put this show together? Instantly I think Dana White. Now does anyone not find it ironic that his eyes are basically pitch black? When have you ever seen a white person with black color eyes? Exactly you haven't. How do you know Dana's pupils aren't just dilated to the point it looks like his eye color is black? E makes people's eyes do that you know? And it also keeps people up for hours on end, it does make you wonder how Dana always operates on such little sleep.

Not only that, I heard E isn't even traceable through urine or blood samples. I heard only a spinal tap is the way to detect usage. So its not like these guys risk getting caught anyway. Not to mention some of these guys have a crazy pain tolerance, I wake up and barely smack my shin on the coffee table and I'm dropping to the floor screaming in agony. Nevermind when 2 fighters shins collide. You see that and its like alright they have to be on something no way they just brushed that off like nothing. Or hell who knows I heard that stuff also makes people extremely horny, maybe that could explain some of the dry-humping style LnP and crazy pain tolerance?

Just trying to share my perspective and what I felt like those words mean, and what I think it may all mean in the grand scheme of things.


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