community awards 2013

Michael Regan takes a look back at the top names in FanPosts, FanShots and Comments. Who did work and who came up lame?

Bag it and tag it, Maniacs, because 2013 is finally in the books.

Just yesterday, we hit you with our Top 5 lists for the year that was, including "Fights of the Year," "Events of the Year," "Submissions of the Year," "Fighters of the Year" and "Knockouts of the Year."

Naturally, we saved the best for last.

It's time to once again look back at all the busy little beavers from 2013. We have several changes atop the leader board, with "The Pride" getting bumped from the prestigious (or notorious?) No. 1 "Commenters" position thanks to submitting almost 50 percent less comments than he did in 2012 (17,187).

The ultimate Maniac who benefitted from his slack job (comments-wise, of course) is none other than Jonnyboy6969, who rose from the No. 4 slot in 2012 to usurp the crown in 2013. And even though unambig can't hack it as a "writer" at Mania, flaking on his awesome "Report Cards" and weeks in review for understandable personal reasons -- even though the entire community nearly mutinied to get him a gig -- he holds fast on his No. 2 position.

Lord only knows how many more he could have had if he didn't keep us working over time to monitor for senseless abuse (or blatant misuse).

Nonetheless, set a bunch of records over the past 12 months (back-to-back record-setting all-time traffic months in Nov. and Dec. 2013!) and we couldn't have done it without you, the readers. The retirement of Georges St-Pierre and the splintered shin of Anderson Silva might have a little something to do with it, too.

Anyway, with that in mind, we've churned out a list of who did work in 2013 and who mailed it in. If you're name is on this list, congratulations, you need a hobby.

Drumroll please ...

Most FanPosts:

Also known as the "I have something on my mind, but don't feel like proofreading it" award.

  1. Phasebook 58
  2. tap or snap bons 57
  3. Jonnyboy6969 42
  4. unambig 29
  5. potato623 26
  6. wooly shambler 26
  7. JonBon Joey 24
  8. C.J. Tuttle 22
  9. ViolentMike 22
  10. Plainview 21

Most FanShots:

Also known as the "I'm too lazy to write an actual post, so here's a funny meme that doesn't take at least 50 words to print."

  1. Jesse Holland 266
  2. Thomas Myers 100
  3. Matthew Roth 78
  4. lordrelay 58
  5. The UnCut Sports Show 36
  6. Cory Braiterman 33
  7. Plainview 26
  8. Brian Hemminger 25
  9. fighthub 23

Most Comments:

Also known as the "My job clearly has no clue what I'm up to all day" award.

  1. Jonnyboy6969 12889
  2. unambig 12110
  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop 10948
  4. Joben 10491
  5. OilCheck 9965
  6. The Pride 9959
  7. Deuce02 8964
  8. pabloXL 8337
  9. hey!ho!let'sgogoplata! 7120
  10. Plainview 6928

Wow .. quite the tight race last year. This is what we politely call loyalty! It's nice to see our Maniacs keeping busy on a daily basis, though if you took the arguing out of these numbers, they'd probably be triple digits. So too, would our monthly hits ... so keep fighting!

Great job everybody (again) and keep it (more) coming in 2014.

And just for the record, because for whatever reason folks around here like to keep score, Jonnyboy6969 and unambig both best the Alpha Commenter males at the other two combat sports sites at Something not even "The Pride" could claim last year with his gaudy numbers.

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