'It's time to kick ass and eat bubblegum... and i'm all out of gum". - Duke Nukem

Welcome to TrashTalkTwitterThursday 2.


The comment section is like a soapopera. An online "Days of our lives" with neverending drama, trolling, feuds, beefs and anal. Lot's of anal.

But it doesn't stop there. No. Maniacs have been representing quite magnanimously in the land of 140 characters also known as Twitter.

This segment, brought to you by everyone's favorite Belgiumuffdiver: Gogo, is here to highlight all the festivities that you may have missed in case you don't have a twitter account.

Here we go:

Another day, another block for Oilcheck.

Cory. The man, the myth, the legend. Let's pay tribute to the finest and fairest MMAMania moderator the internet has ever seen:

Ah, there's nothing like taking some random tweets from the world's most heavy sacked moderator and taking them out of context for comedic effect, knowing full and well that you're going to get your ass banned.

Fuck it, that's why they call me Gogo and not just... Go. (Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I still want to have your babies Braiterdawg, so call me... maybe)

Who knew that Ryan Bader is on the cutting edge of self-pleasure and masturbation techniques?

Plainview is not impressed.

Speaking of boners:

(backstory: UFC Flyweight Will Campuzano was a little under the spell of the #pettiseffect (or maybe the pressure of making his UFC return after going 0-2 during his first stint with the promotion in 2010-11) during his weigh-in stare down with Sergio Pettis at UFC 167 and got a little frisky)

Will is a good sport. Never tried to deny it and completely owned up to it like a man. Here's are some interactions between him and the maniac twitter crew:

Follow Will Campuzano or i'll fucking kill you.

Really though, he is a great guy and in my opinion a prime candidate for perhaps a second UFC resident maniac, right next to Isaac Vallie-Flagg. (eat shit BE with your puny-ass Ben Saunders and Josh Samman, no disrespect to either fighters though)

Will follows back and frequently interacts with his fans:

lol, Jonnyboy6969 in da house. #gloryholing

That last guy was kinda hot.

The Oilcheck homoshop craze is an epidemic, no... homodemic! Violentmike joins the ranks of homoshop/gloryholers:

(backstory: Kenny Florian's nickname is Ken Flo. Flo Rida is a "rapper" with a smash shit song called "Whistle" where he begs for blowjobs... smh, judge for yourself)

Flo Rida - Whistle [Official Video] (via TheWarnerSound)

Someone said asshots? Be careful for what you wish for:

WarMachine: he does alpha male shit. He also legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver to WarMachine.

Despite him blocking me on twitter, i'm not ashamed to say that I find Jon, sorry Warmachine genuinely entertaining. And not even in a "haha, thank god i'm not that guy. What a trainwreck" way, No, he genuinely cracks me up. He does whatever and whomever the fuck he wants and gets away with it. I can't say I respect him, can't say I admire him, can't say I want to be like him...

Let's just say, he knows who he is and sticks to the script no matter what the consequences of his often dumbass action are. Something less than 1% of any of us can say about themselves, and that I do admire. A lot.

Follow Warmachine. (and unblock me, you stupid fucking subhuman piece of shit, die!)

Alright, you sexy hunks. This was the second installment of quadruple T: TrashTalkTwitterThursday.

And remember, 4 eyes are better than 2. And a 100 eyes are better than 4, meaning... if you see a tweet that was funny, moving, revolting or touching (point out on the doll where it happened and we'll get to the bottom of, bottom) post it in the comment section below.

Twitter is gigantic and I could use all the help I can get to make sure everybody that's worthy of props, get their props.

Also, if you're not on twitter yet, make a account and post your handle in the comments below. Maniacs have been delivering a Brown Pride 10 round beatdown on the twittersphere for the last couple of months. The more the merrier, baby. ;-)

If you are already on twitter, we probably already follow each other. If not, post your handle below in the comment section. Some twitter users don't use their mania screenname on there and I (and other maniacs) have no clue who you are on twitter.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this shit and stay tuned for the next episode of TrashTalkTwitterThursday.

I love all of you. Xoxo

Especially you, Julianna Peña.

(backstory: There was an episode on Tuf18 where Peña couldn't stop talking in a terrible english accent, pissing everyone off. Follow her, she doesn't take herself seriously and was pretty cool about my obnoxious tweet)

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