49ers vs. Seahawks live score: First quarter real-time stream updates for NFL playoffs


Quarter 1

The opening kick went out the back of the end zone.

Seattle ball at their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Russell Wilson on play-action went on a rollout and Aldon Smith hit him, forcing a fumble. He also recovered.

San Francisco ball at the 15 yard line.

1st and 10: Frank Gore ran off left end for two yards.
2nd and 8: Michael Crabtree caught a short pass over the middle and was immediately wrapped up for just a two yard gain.
3rd and 6: Colin Kaepernick ran a designed QB draw and went right into a Seahawk defender shy of the first down marker. It looked available but he couldn't break free.
4th and 2: David Akers knocked one in from 25 yards away for the first points of the game.

49ers - 3
Seahawks - 0

Jon Baldwin returned the ensuing kick for just a few yards.

Seattle ball at their own 16 yard line.

1st and 10: Play-action from Wilson goes to tight end Zach Miller for a gain of seven.
2nd and 3: Two yard gain for Marshawn Lynch on his first carry of the day. 
3rd and 1: Lynch was bottled up behind the line for a loss of a yard. Not a good start for Seattle.
4th and 1: The punt was fair caught by LaMichael James. A flag came down against the 49ers for holding during the kick, pushing them back 10 more yards.

San Francisco ball at their own 19 yard line.

1st and 10: Gore ran off the left side and picked up just a yard.
2nd and 9: Kaepernick ran play-action and got a big 13 yard completion to Vance McDonald out in the flat. He caught it and turned up field to pick up the first down.
1st and 10: Kaepernick on a designed bootleg ran for 17 yards and another first down up to midfield.
1st and 10: Gore up the middle doesn't work at all, losing a yard. Great penetration from Seattle there.
2nd and 11: Kaepernick scrambled for a gain of eight to set up a third and short. No one open it looked like, but he ran quickly.
3rd and 3: On another designed QB draw, Kaepernick went off the edge and picked up two. They're going to go for it on fourth down.
4th and 1: They choose not to go for it, instead punting it down all the way to the one yard line, where it is downed. That was the next best thing other than actually going for it.

Seattle ball at their own 1 yard line.

1st and 10: Lynch carried for eight yards. Either way, San Francisco jumped offsides. They accept the penalty so they can replay the down.
1st and 5: Lynch went up the middle for a gain of three. Not a lot of room to operate here early.
2nd and 2: Lynch went off the left side this time and after a favorable spot was awarded two yards and the first down.
1st and 10: Wilson floated one for Jermaine Kearse but overthrew him. He was open, too.
2nd and 10: Lynch cut it inside off the right side and picked up about four yards to set up another third down for Seattle. They're still deep in their own territory.
3rd and 6: From the shotgun, Wilson just put one over Eric Reid for a big catch and a 22 yard completion. 
1st and 10: Play-action deep pass from Wilson is complete but Luke Wilson couldn't hang on after a big hit from Donte Whitner. The hit was flagged for 15 yards.
1st and 10: Lynch on an inside handoff was bottled up after two yards.
2nd and 8: Wilson scrambled and found Lynch, who picked up a first down after the catch. A flag came in, however, and Seattle was penalized for holding, pushing them back 10 yards.
2nd and 18: They run a screen pass to Michael Turbin and he picked up nine yards to make the third down manageable.
3rd and 9: Wilson is sacked by a blitzing Navarro Bowman for a huge loss.

That's the end of the first quarter.

For second quarter coverage click here. For complete live updates and quarter-by-quarter coverage of the game click here.

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