Patriots vs Broncos live score: Fourth quarter real-time stream updates for NFL playoffs


Quarter 4

Denver ball at the 12 yard line.

2nd and 3: Montee Ball went outside and appeared to pick up the first down but Julius Thomas was flagged for holding. That's 10 yards and a repeat of the down.
2nd and 13: Thomas makes up for his penalty on the next play, gained 14 with a hustle play out of the flat.
1st and Goal: Knowshon Moreno came in and ran for a couple but Denver was flagged for holding and another 10 yards.
1st and Goal: Manning found a wide open Wes Welker all the way down to the three for a 17 yard gain.
2nd and Goal: A shovel pass to J. Thomas failed to gain more than a yard.
3rd and Goal: Manning had J. Thomas open and dropped the ball right down into his hands but Thomas dropped it in the end zone. That was just the second incomplete pass in the last 21 attempts for Manning.
4th and Goal: Matt Prater hit a field goal from 21 yards out.

Broncos - 23
Patriots - 3

The ensuing kickoff went out of the end zone for a touchback.

New England ball at their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Tom Brady opened with a quick inside pass to the dude with the long name for 18 yards. Denver defensive back Tony Carter was injured during the play.
1st and 10: Brady finds Austin Collie for a quick 20 yard gain.
1st and 10: Julian Edelman caught a quick inside pass and broke a big gainer for another first down. Broncos defensive linemen Sylvester Williams was injured during the play. Or trying to slow down the Patriots offense.
1st and 10: Brady was under pressure threw the ball away.
2nd and 10: Shane Vereen managed to catch a wobbly pass after Brady just got it away while he was being dragged down by a defender. Gain of seven.
3rd and 3: Brady missed Vereen on a throw inside.
4th and 3: The Patriots finally converted here when Brady found Vereen down to the seven yard line.
1st and Goal: Brady's throw was so high he must have been throwing it away. Actually, the receiver was open. Just a really bad pass.
2nd and Goal: Brady makes up for it to Julian Edelman on the next play, finding him for a seven yard score, the first of the day for New England. The extra point was good.

Broncos - 23
Patriots - 10

The ensuing kickoff is a pop up that goes to Trindon Holliday, who takes care of the ball and scoots out of bounds without gaining many yards.

Denver ball at their own 25 yard line.

1st and 10: Manning's pass to D. Thomas was dangerous.
2nd and 10: Manning found J. Thomas on the very next play for a monster gain over the top for 37 yards and Denver is already in New England territory.
1st and 10: Moreno up the gut gets just one yard.
2nd and 9: Moreno tried to go off the left side but ran into trouble quick, gaining only a yard. Not only that, he was injured on the play.
3rd and 8: Manning just overthrew D. Thomas on an out-and-up pattern.
4th and 8: Matt Prater drilled a field goal from 54 yards out.

Broncos - 26
Patriots - 10

The ensuing kickoff sailed out of the end zone for a touchback.

New England ball at their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Brady was under pressure and had to throw the ball away.
2nd and 10: Brady found Edelman for an eight yard gain across the middle.
3rd and 2: Edelman got free on the outside for another quick hitter for a first down.
1st and 10: Vereen got the ball on a draw play up the middle for nine yards. 
2nd and 1: Brady found Edelman once again, this time up to the Denver 41 yard line. They're now under five minutes left in the game.
1st and 10: Tony Carter very nearly came up with an interception, diving at a ball. He wasn't able to make the play, though.
2nd and 10: Vereen found an opening on a draw play and scooted just past the marker for 11 yards.
1st and 10: Collie ran free across the middle of the field and picked up 18 total, most of that after the catch.
1st and 10: Brady found Edelman down to the five yard line.
2nd and 3: Brady kept it himself when he couldn't find a receiver and ran it into the end zone after breaking a tackle. They'll go for two here.
Two point attempt: A draw to Vereen failed to get in the end zone. That one hurts.

Broncos - 26
Patriots - 16

An onside kick attempt from the Patriots fails, recovered by Eric Decker.

Denver ball at the 50 yard line.

1st and 10: Ball picks up three on a rush to the left side.
2nd and 7: Manning found Jacob Tamme wide open in the flat before he turned up the field and gained a bunch of extra yards, 23 to be exact. That gives Manning 400 for the day. That's a big play with the game clock now under three minutes and New England using timeouts.
1st and 10: Ball up the middle for five yards. Timeout Patriots, and they're out for the rest of the game.
2nd and 5: Another run, this time Ball picking up three. That will take it down to the two minute warning.
3rd and 2: Ball fails to pick up the first down after crashing into the line. That would have ended the game.
4th and 1: Ball gets the handoff and takes it across the right side for the first down. That seals it.
1st and 10: Manning takes a knee. This one is over.

Broncos - 26
Patriots - 16


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