Patriots vs Broncos live score: First quarter real-time stream updates for NFL playoffs


Quarter 1

The Patriots will start with the ball at the 20 yard line after a touchback on the opening kickoff.

1st and 10: Tom Brady hits Julian Edelman for a five yard gain on a quick out route.
2nd and 5: LeGarratte Blount tries to go off the right side but finds no open lanes. No gain.
3rd and 5: From the shotgun, Brady attempted an inside slant on the outside to Austin Collie but the pass sailed. 
4th and 5: The punt from Ryan Allen went all the way down to the 15 yard line.

Denver ball at their own 15 yard line.

1st and 10: Peyton Manning found Julius Thomas over the middle for a short gain of four.
2nd and 6: Knowshon Moreno ran up the middle for a short gain of four.
3rd and 2: From the shotgun, Manning bobbled the snap -- multiple times -- but found Eric Decker off the right side for a first down. 
1st and 10: Again from the shotgun, Manning found Decker on a crossing route all the way up to the Patriots 49 yard line. That's a big 21 yard gain.
1st and 10: Manning found Wes Welker for the first time on the day on a quick out to the left side for a gain of six.
2nd and 4: The Broncos went into a hurry up offense on this play. Manning handed off to Moreno but he was blown up in the backfield by Dont'a Hightower for a loss of five.
3rd and 9: Still in the hurry up, Manning took a shot down the field but missed Decker down the sideline.
4th and 9: Britton Colquitt punted from the 49 yard line into the end zone.

New England ball at their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Play-action pass to the outside sees Brady find a tight end named Mulligan for a six yard gain.
2nd and 4: A hand-off to Blount gains only a yard crashing inside the tackles. Denver won at the point of attack on that one.
3rd and 3: Brady, from the shotgun, went long for Matthew Slater but the coverage was outstanding. Tony Carter knocked it away in the air.
4th and 3: The punt traveled 55 yards and was fair caught by Decker.

Denver ball at their own 18 yard line.

1st and 10: Manning found Thomas with a short crossing route from the shotgun for six yards.
2nd and 4: They set up a screen and Moreno followed his blockers off the left side for a solid 18 yard gain.
1st and 10: Manning's short pass to Montee Ball fell incomplete after Jamie Collins blew Ball up right as he was about to catch it.
2nd and 10: Ball carried off the left side and found no room.
3rd and 10: Again from the shotgun, Manning went down the field to DeMaryius Thomas over the middle for a big gain up to 29 yard line for 29 yards.
1st and 10: Manning found Decker to the 10 yard line on a deep cross for 19 more yards.
1st and Goal: Manning went for Thomas in the corner of the end zone but he was being held in a bad way. Despite that, the referees kept their yellow in their pockets.
2nd and Goal: Moreno rushed for one yard to the nine.
3rd and Goal: Manning couldn't find his receiver, Decker, in the end zone.
4th and Goal: From 27 yards out, Matt Prater nailed a field goal.

Broncos - 3
Patriots - 0

Another touchback on the kickoff.

New England ball at their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Brady found Shane Vereen on the outside. Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie jumped the route but misjudged it and gave up a big gain of 24 yards.
1st and 10: They ran play-action super effectively and Brady had Edelman wide open deep but he overthrew him.
2nd and 10: A five yard run from Steven Ridley makes the next down manageable.
3rd and 5: Brady hits Edelman on a deep comeback route for 18 yards and the first down.
1st and 10: Nowhere to go for Ridley, as he's knocked down for no gain.
2nd and 10: Off play-action, Brady missed Edelman on the outside.
3rd and 10: Brady found Danny Amendola across the middle for eight yards, but that's short of the marker. A flag did come in and was for pass interference on the offense. That's a 10 yard penalty and a re-play of the down. Broncos cornerback Rodgers-Cromartie was injured on the play.
3rd and 20: All the way back at the 43 yard line, Brady found Edelman on a screen for a four yard gain.

That's the end of the first quarter.

For second quarter coverage click here. For complete live updates and quarter-by-quarter coverage of the game click here.

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