A MMA Fan's dream

Hey guys and gals, this is Andrew and this is my first post ever. I just wanted to take this time to explain what I believe would be the next step for MMA.

The UFC is growing and is getting to the point where it needs to expand. They have been trying to do this by branching out to other countries which I believe is a great idea. Soon MMA will reach mainstream levels that will be able to compete with all other major sports such as football, basketball, etc. However other countries do not yet seem to grasp the greatness of this sport because they believe it is barbaric or savage or just have no interest in watching this sort of sport let alone dish out their hard earned dollars for a ppv featuring a fighter from their hometown.

I have a better solution. Everyone knows that the best, the cream of the crop, fighters are in the UFC. Any average fighter just getting into the game dreams of one day competing for this organization. Anyone who is anyone, except Bjorn Rebney, knows that the most talented athletes are found in the UFC rosters.

The problem however is that the UFC rosters are getting full, they said so themselves. This is why they must apply a strict rule of cutting fighters even though they are decent after a string of losses to tough competition. The rate they are cutting their rosters is understandable because they have to make room for the new generation of fighters to their rosters.

My plan is to start an official minor league to the UFC. Allow only the top 10 ranked fighters to their rosters and everyone else drop to the minor league. These top 10 fighters will fight among themselves to determine who is the next clear contender for the title. This gives fighters who are still at the top of their game and dominate such as Shogun Rua, Yushin Okami, Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Dan Henderson, Chris Leben, and many others which I can't think of at the top of my head to compete and still be dominant to the eyes of the community. Fighters who no doubt are still very dangerous and can put on amazing fights, but realistically do not have a chance at winning the belt anymore. Now I'm not hating on these guys I am a HUGE BJ Penn fan, but I am realistic and I believe that Frankie Edgar will probably beat him again. He is just too fast and way better conditioned even at 145 lbs.

Now the new rules of the official minor league for the UFC. Like Bellator I believe that putting on fights every week is a great idea and a great opportunity for spectators such as us fans. Have these minor league fights free on Fox on cable just like Bellator did on spike. Those guys are messing up trying to have their fights on PPV. All these other organizations, WSOF and Bellator, are trying to compete with the UFC and move to PPV status, but guess what it's not going to happen. You cannot compete with the UFC they have the best fighters and that is that. Now for this official feeder league I believe that different rules should be applied.

First of all fighters will not know who they are matched up against until the week of the event, I think that finding out matches will be even better the night of the event kind of like a random spinning thing that matches fighters like they did on the Tekken movie or Never Back down. Have lets say 8 fighters in the same weight class, weekly, show up be on weight and prepared to fight the night of the fight. They will have no idea who they will be fighting, except a general idea of who is on the roster for that night. This will leave fighters minimal time to prepare a gameplan, but instead allow them to be ultimately prepared very well rounded for anything that will happen that night. I believe that not only will this provide entertaining matchups, because fans will not know who is fighting who until very close to the event and leaves the excitement of possibilities of random matchups, but will provide very interesting fights because fighters will be not as focused as a specific fighter or fighting style and will be more themselves able to bring the skills that they are favored at. Fighters will not have the chance to develop a gameplan that favors them over the one they are competing which ultimately leads to boring fights.

In conclusion starting an official feeder league to the UFC will allow fighters to fight without having to worry about their job security. No one will be cut from the rosters due to over capacity and poor performances. This will allow fighters who have no chance at reaching the top and becoming champions an opportunity to still be with the best MMA organization out there and compete putting on amazing performances. This will also give fans a chance to view live fights regularly than waiting for the occasional free fight nights on fox as well as waiting a month for the next PPV event. I am sure that the profits for this broadcasting will also be amazing for the UFC in a business sense. Amazing fights put on weekly featuring the great fighters that we love, who we don't have to watch putting on poor performances against the new generation of fighters who are the elite.

As I said this is my first post so please be gentle in the comments. I know this is probably not the best way to state this idea and I am missing a lot of better suggestions, but I thought it was a great idea for the expansion of MMA. Please give ideas, comments, and anything else and lets get this moving on. MMA is too great and the UFC is a huge forerunner in this movement and it is a shame that they are cutting fighters who are no longer in the elite just because their rosters are getting too full.

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