Best/Worst Free/PPV Cards of 2013


Was a bit bored, so I felt like throwing together this fanpost. As the title suggests, I'm giving my two cents on best and worst free and PPV cards of last year. I didn't exactly rack my brain coming up with the choices, so there's nothing specific about the reasons for my choices. I simply took into consideration a mix of the names of the fighters, the competitiveness, the depth of the card, and the entertainment value. So here are the winners and losers:

(Instead of typing out all the fights, I just linked to the results)

Worst Free Card: UFC: Fight for the Troops 3

I don't think this really requires an explanation. I considered the Sweden card Gus missed, but felt it didn't quite "top" this one.

Best Free Card: UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs Sonnen

Not really a surprise considering it was stacked up to kick off the new Fox Sports 1 channel. It had 6 fights including alot of names. It could've been even better if Shogun hadn't shit the bed.

Worst PPV Card: UFC 161: Evans vs Henderson

Another easy call for me. Pretty sure it had the lowest number of buys and it didn't make any of us who didn't buy it regret our decision. Main event was a split decision, but it was rather uneventful. And personally, I had no interest in the rest of the card.

Best PPV Card: UFC 167: GSP vs Hendricks

This was the toughest choice of the group, although that's not saying too much. The main event was very close and, as a result, controversial. It also had names outside of the main event; Evans, Sonnen, Macdonald, and Koscheck. It had it all: finishes and tight decisions. There were other considerations, such as Jones/Gus, but I felt the depth of this card was enough to overcome the fight of the year.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree (more likely!)? Share your thoughts/picks below.

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