Newly-signed Russian rapper Alexander Yakovlev will 'do anything' for UFC welterweight title

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has taken notice of a great deal of talent around the world throughout its time as the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion. But it doesn't take much to notice the newest member of the organization, Russian welterweight Alexander Yakovlev.

Each and every mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter is concerned with what combat sports fans will remember when their career is all said and done.

When it comes to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight acquisition Alexander Yakovlev -- who signed a six-fight deal earlier this week -- the question is, what won't you remember?

Personally, regardless of what the 29-year-old ends up accomplishing, my brain will forever be etched with the image of this music video, where Yakovlev -- draped in women, cars, and full Affliction garb -- bobs his head and lets the lyrics flow.

See for yourself.

While the glitz and glamour of a rap career in Russia may seem like the driving force behind UFC adding "Bad Boy" to its roster, during his nine plus years of combat, Yakovlev has compiled a solid 21-4-1 record. Of his 21 wins, 16 have come via stoppage (eight knockouts and eight submissions).

His most recent and highest-profile win came against Paul Daley under the Legend banner in November of last year. A victory that he attributes to being noticed by the ZUFFA brass.

After news dropped about his signing, I had a chance to speak with Yakovlev about his Octagon future:

"I am very happy. I worked for this for almost 20 years! My goal is the UFC belt and I'll do anything for it. I think the victory over Paul Daley played a big role in the signing along with the professionalism of my management team, K Dojo Warrior Tribe and Doug Wilson."

It's evident his team K Dojo Warrior Tribe, which resides in Fairfield, New Jersey, is playing a huge part in importing talent from overseas into UFC. Apart from the newly-signed Yakovlev, they have been the part and/or full time training camp for Oleksiy Oliynyk, Adlan Amagov, and the Sambo champ no one wants to fight, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

So, who would Alexander hope to fight first in UFC?

"I am looking forward to discussing this with my coaching and management team, and am also curious to see whom UFC will offer."

With UFC planning to put on shows in Russia as soon as this year, Yakovlev seems poised for a premier slot on the inaugural card.

"I want to put on a good show for my opening fight, so I just really hope to get enough time to prepare. A UFC event in Russia would be a great, not only for me, but for all of Russia!"

I guess this is what comes with "Money Power."

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