UFC/MMA Top 5 'Submissions of the Year' in 2013

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

What do Rose Namajunas, Josh Burkman, Kenny Robertson, Erick Silva and Anthony Pettis all have in common? They all registered highlight-reel submissions in mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2013, which are all worthy of seeing again.

The holidays are a time to come together, to get in touch with old friends and possibly make new ones. It's a time to realize that all of us are one people.

And, as such, we generally react in the same way when one of our limbs is bent the wrong way or a major artery aggressively closed off.

Here are the Top 5 mixed martial arts (MMA) submissions of 2013.

5. Rose Namajunas gives Kathina Catron the Rumina Sato Special


If you've never heard of Rose Namajunas, she's an up-and-coming Strawweight among the 11 females set to compete on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20. She went undefeated (4-0) as an amateur and is 2-1 as a pro.

She's also Pat Barry's girlfriend and, if this fight is any indication, is already a better grappler than he is. Look for the 21-year-old to make some waves in the near-future.

Her Flying Armbar submission of Kathina Catron at Invicta 5, which took just 12 seconds no less, was off the charts.

4. Josh Burkman turns tables, puts Jon Fitch to sleep


While Fitch's punch resistance and overwhelming wrestling seemed to have waned, his submission defense was still considered best in class. In fact, he hadn't tapped out in more than 11 years, when Mike Pyle caught him in a rear-naked choke.

Josh Burkman cracked the code, though, at World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 3, punching Fitch directly in his chin-mounted auxiliary oxygen supply before squeezing shut his blood tubes with one wicked guillotine.

Let's put him in against Brian Ebersole and see what happens.

3. Kenny Robertson punishes Brock Jardine for skipping yoga day


Sometimes, you have to explain to your newbie friend why the guy in the weird-looking position is screaming in pain. Other times, it's pretty evident.

Kenny Robertson couldn't find the rear-naked at UFC 157, so when Brock Jardine put his foot down to try and stand, he seized the opportunity, pulling his foot behind his head in terrifically-uncomfortable fashion. The closest thing anyone could find to it was a similar submission from a decade ago by Amar Suloev, who actually rolled his man over before tearing his everything.


2. Erick Silva hits a rear-naked trianglebar


One of the issues with MMA gloves is that the rear-naked choke is significantly easier to defend than with bare hands, which can lead to long periods of the superior grappler just chilling on his opponent's back.

Matched up against one of the division's better submission wrestlers in Jason High at UFC on Fuel TV 10, who had won seven straight and never been tapped, Erick Silva elected to get creative, latching onto an extremely unorthodox -- but highly-effective whatchamacallit -- that ended proceedings in just 71 seconds.

This was only one of seven submissions on the card and it won the bonus. Not bad.

1. Anthony Pettis submits the unsubmittable


Honestly, the fact that this was such a basic submission makes it all the more amazing. People had attempted every conceivable submission on Ben Henderson at least once and he not only shrugged them off, but beat the living hell out of the guy as he was trying to break his skeleton.

Hell, before this fight, if you'd shown me an x-ray demonstrating that Henderson actually had bones in his body, I'd have called you a liar.

And then Pettis goes and taps him with an armbar. From guard. When the hell do you even see someone get a sub from their guard anymore?

It was the first time a UFC title had changed hands via submission in a long, long while. Well done, "Showtime." Now get your ass healthy.

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