Dominick Cruz the pound for pound best

I don't know why or how everyone sandbags Dominick as one of the atleast top 3 pound for pound best, i'm sure its because of all the hype around certain people or how they finish some fights, but for now lets look at the stats.

Dom Cruz - 19 wins 1 loss = only loss to Urijah Faber
Last 6 fights
Mighty Mouse - 18-2-1 = lost to Cruz and Pickett
Urijah Faber - 29-6 = only loses in title fights, but has retained a title
Scott Jorgen - 14-7 = Well... a gatekeeper who gets lucky
Joe Benevidez - 19-3 = 2 losses to cruz and mighty mouse(champ)
Brian Bowles - 10-3 = was doin ok till Roop rooped his ass
Ian McCall - 12-4-1 = Has been ranked #1 and only 1 bad loss
102-25-2 which makes a 4.08-1 win to loss ratio
Even Jon bone Jones 142-49-2 which makes a 2.8 win to loss ratio
Anderson Silva's is 130-34-1 which makes 3.82
George St french is 144-48-1 which makes 3.0

The other don't matter to me, what matter to me is that GSP has only 1-2 dominant opponants in that time in Condit, Diaz and Shields(albiet shields blows).
Anderson has 3 guys that stick out as very dominant as they are Maia, Leites, and Weidman(and you can discount Leites if you want but his record stands as 21-4).
Jones's only opponants that has good records are Evans and Machida.
So you can see that with looking at the stats above Dominick Cruz has been fighting the best of the best in the lower weight classes, and has done very well, since when you take away brian bowles loss to roop and scott jorgenson completely you have 5 of the best in the class fighters who he has beat once or twice.

You can look at it anyway you want with how trendy fighters are, but Cruz is the best, which why i want him back, but not to fight Berao yet, he needs a quick feeler fight, maybe Scott Jorgenson again haha, he better not have shogun knees have a good one Maniacs!

And wheres The Shambler i'm so bored on fridays now with this inconsistancy

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