Stray Thoughts | Rousey vs. Tate TUF

So, the premiere for the general public happened last night. I was extremely excited when it was announced that 135 men AND women would be on. Tate vs. Rousey is gold if you're into that Rampage/Rashad thing. Sad thing is Rousey's got the least booty out of the four. Fuck, though. The fights sucked. Not all of them, but nothing crazy.

The TUF's I watched always had a couple HOLY FUCK moments. I got one tonight. The british dude, who I don't even remember his name that went for what looked like a back take crucifix, into a armbar. That was sick.

  • Miesha walks in... "Hiiiii, surprise, surprise" Through out the night I was just going what the fuck Miesha. She wants to be one of the "bros" with Dana, but I just laugh at the shit she says.
  • But, god be damned. That Vancouver Canucks (it's a hockey team) style UFC t-shirt with them "boots are made for walking jeans" were to die for. I don't give a fuck that she's a 7 in the face.
  • Ronda's cool when she's not serious, or tryna be smart or whatever the thing she does when she makes that "who took a shit" face
  • I laughed quite out loud, when the first fight was about to go down (Duke, the tall hillbilly model won) and Dana was about to sit in the middle of Ronda and Miesha... he said something like "wassup wassup, wassup ladies" in a high pitched voice. Never seen that side of Dana.
  • Sucks that some tough girls lost due to favorable matchups. Tonya Evinger (the pale as fuck redhead) and Revelina Berto (the black chick) probably would have won against other opponents.
  • Roxanne Modaferri (nerdy brunette from Japan). I see what her appeal is now. She looked pretty good after her fight without them grandma glasses on
  • If Dana and co, wanted some gender relations, how about this thought:
  • 135 women and heavyweight men with Ronda and Miesha as the coaches still.
  • So fucking happy that the dude from Canada, who's dad pays for everything, lost. You know the guy with like two diamond earrings and zero self-hate even though he's living off his dad.

Miesha seriously fucked it I think not picking Baszler first. Love that Ronda going right for her number 1, Julianna Pena. Pena has that Indian girl from Rise of the Planet of the Apes look.

I love Ronda's female picks. I think she took the two best girls, Duke and Baszler. and Rakoczy can knock anyone the fuck out on the feet. But, I remember that's how I felt about Tito's picks against Chuck, and Chuck ended up picking the winner Court McGee.

Final verdict: I was hoping for action comparable to the AMAZING Mayhem vs. Bispnig season, and ultimately I was disappointed. And I hate the Fox production of TUF.

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