Mania Fantasy Basketball League Update 2: Draft Day is October 13, 07:30am (+8 GMT time)


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Quick Update guys: I have set the date of our draft on October 13, 2013, 07:30 am (+8 GMT)

That means: Sunday, 01:30am for those in Germany, Sunday, 12:30am in the UK, Saturday 07:30 pm in the US. I know this might not be a good schedule but if you guys can give me a better one, I can always change the draft settings.

We will be doing a LIVE DRAFT meaning we will be online at Yahoo starting the date of the draft and we will pick according to the draft order that will be given by Yahoo. Each player will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds to make his picks. We will be picking 13 players. My friends and I (all 12 of us) did our draft last Saturday and it took us less than an hour to pick so I don't see why we can't accomplish this in less than an hour as well.

This is how your team should look like after the drafting: (this is my team that I picked during our draft in my other league): I placed fifth in the drafting. Not happy with my picks but they're the best I can assemble at that ranking. My mistake was I picked Mark Gasol when Carmelo Anthony was still there. Dumb me.

(5) Marc Gasol

(20) Serge Ibaka

(29) Tony Parker

(44) Roy Hibbert

(53) Jrue Holiday

(68) Ryan Anderson

(77) O.J. Mayo

(92) Marvin Williams

(101) Tiago Splitter

(116) Nick Young

(125) Mike Miller

(140) Mike Dunleavy

The next question you will ask me, how about IF I CANNOT MAKE IT DURING THE DRAFTING PERIOD???? Well, you will miss the fun but all you have to do is:

  • Go to the DRAFT CENTRAL icon in your page

  • Go to EDIT my Rankings and then feel free to rank whoever you feel should comprise your team. Remember that you will be AUTO PICKING for this draft so what it will do is to get the best available PLAYER from the RANKINGS you will do.

A separate thread will be done on Mania at that time of our draft so we can talk there while drafting in Yahoo. Please let me know if you have more questions! Please feel free to discuss as well in the threads.

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