Manager: 'Frank Mir is a better fighter now than before, he just hasn’t had the chance to show it'

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir’s manager, Malki Kawa, says the former two-time UFC heavyweight champion isn’t ready to cash in on his 401K and step away from mixed martial arts (MMA) because despite losing three straight, he’s actually a much-improved fighter.

After suffering his third straight defeat at the hands of Josh Barnett (relive it here) last weekend (Aug. 31, 2013) in the co-main event of UFC 164, Frank Mir isn't ready to call it a career just yet.

While the former two-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion isn't going to be in title contention anytime soon, he still has a few good fights left in him, according to his manager Malki Kawa.

During his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour," Kawa detailed a conversation he had with Mir following his loss to "Warmaster," in which he expressed his frustration at the fact that he feels he is a much better mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter today than he was a few years ago, despite losing three in a row.

The only problem is, he hasn't had a chance to showcase his new skills.

"Yes, he definitely wants to fight. You know what sucks is that Frank has actually improved. He's actually gotten better and he hasn't gotten the opportunity to really show it. And that's where the frustration is amongst everyone on this team, including Frank. We had a long conversation yesterday and he told me, ‘You know what sucks? My cardio is better, I'm actually in the best shape of my life, I'm working on techniques that I've never worked on before, I've got a better arsenal of stuff and I have yet to be able to show it. Even in this fight with Barnett, there's certain things that I should have done differently. And I allowed myself to get caught in that same trap.' But, we'll see what happens. He has a couple more fights in him. If you look at his career, he doesn't have 40 fights. For a guy that s been in this game, he doesn't have a lot of fights compared to everyone else. So, we'll look for a fight for him and see if we can get him back in the cage as soon as possible, turn around and see what happens."

After his loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 146, the jiu-jitsu black belt switched up his training thanks to the help of MMA masterminds Greg Jackson, Mike Winkeljohn and the rest of the crew at the famed camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in hopes of learning some new tricks.

Apparently, the mission has been accomplished, but it hasn't equated into wins ... yet. A well-placed powerful knee to the dome will definitely derail a fighter's gameplan.

Nevertheless, Mir and Co. are adamant that his MMA game has gone up a notch and he's eager to get another opportunity, sooner rather than later, inside the Octagon to show it off.

But against who?

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