UFC 168 chat recap: Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva answer fans questions on ESPN

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva participated in a LIVE online ESPN chat earlier this afternoon to promote their upcoming rematch. Check out the highlights below.

Day Four!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and former division king Anderson Silva are gearing up to collide for a second time in a span of five months when the two meet in the main event of UFC 168, which takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 28, 2013.

That's three long months away, but it didn't stop the promotion from coordinating a seven-day, seven-city "World Tour."

Today, the top two 185-pound mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in the world were busy making the media rounds in Bristol, Conn., to promote their much-anticipated rematch on the campus of ESPN.

Making their fourth stop on the schedule today -- dubbed ESPN Press Day -- "All American" and "The Spider" were the subjects of an awkward video interview (watch it here) on "MMA Live." In addition, the pair took the time to participate in an online fan chat, answering a bevy of questions from interested parties across the globe.

If you didn't get chance to catch the ESPN Fan Chat, we have a recap of the highlights below:

Anderson Silva:.

  • Mistake during UFC 162 which lead to KO loss: The mistake I made was I didn't take another step back. That is being addressed and worked on as we speak. No, no regrets from the last time.
  • No pressure to outdo Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 fight
  • On who he wants to fight next after Chris: I don't want to fight anyone in particular. I think it's the people who want to fight with me.
  • Fan of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Serena and Venus Williams.
  • How long he sees himself fighting: Not too sure. Five, six years, I don't know
  • Most enjoyable fight: My fight against Sakurai in Shooto when I won my first title.

Chris Weidman

  • On what he expects from Silva in rematch: I don't think he'll be moving forward on me. That'd be a mistake. If he does, though, I'm good.
  • On if cardio is up to snuff to go five rounds: My cardio is probably my biggest asset. I haven't shown it yet, haven't had the chance. But, I'm excited to show it. In the gym, I'm known for my cardio.
  • Biggest change in since winning belt: Popularity and I'm going to be able to get out of the house that got hit by Sandy. Get some organization in my life.
  • On what he learned from beating Anderson: That all of the stuff I've been saying is true.
  • Striking has improved since first fight.
  • How does a punch from The Spider feel? It felt good.
  • Favorite UFC fighter to watch: Cain Velasquez.
  • When asked if could get lucky twice: If I'm lucky.
  • How much did his antics actually bother you in the first fight: I was expecting it. But towards the end, towards the finish, it started pissing me off.
  • On potential move up to Light Heavyweight: Right now, I see myself fighting Silva. I don't have trouble making weight. I would never go down. That would never happen. But, possibly one day moving up. If that's what the fans want to see. That's where the biggest challenges are.
  • Who he feels won the Jones-Gus fight? I need to re-watch it again, but first I thought Gus won. I was at the fight and enjoying it. I thought he deserved it. There was more damage on Jones than Gus. It was close

The dynamic duo will be in Miami, Fla., tomorrow (Sept. 27, 2013) and will then fly out to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a Sunday (Sept. 29, 2013) press conference with their final stop taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Monday (Sept. 30, 2013).

Can you say jet lag?

To read the entire ESPN chat click here.

For more on UFC 168 be sure to check out our complete event archive right here. And to check out the latest "Weidman vs. Silva 2" fight card and rumors click here.

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