Mania Fantasy Basketball League Update 1- We Need One More Player, Please Inquire Below



Guys, we have made a lot of progress as far as interest in the inaugural Mania Fantasy Basketball League is concerned as we have 11 Maniacs who are currently in the League. They are the following:

  1. Joben
  2. Tap Snap or Bons
  3. broken orbital
  4. letstalkmma
  5. The Next Damn Champ
  6. ricky dooby
  7. Phasebook
  8. dropnskirtz
  9. dlocc
  10. potato623
  11. Mun

We need 1 MORE player so we can lock the teams and move on with the drafting. Please if you are interested we can accommodate one more Maniac and we can start the league. Email me at if you are interested and I will send you a link for you to enter the camp.

Second point I would like to ask the fellow Maniacs who are in the camp is related to draft preferences. Here I present you with three options:

  • We do an Autodraft wherein we just let Yahoo do it for us. The key here is for you to set your preference for players already and Yahoo will just draft it for you. Advantage: this is the easiest as it will require no effort from you and time constraints will be avoided.

  • We do a Live Draft , meaning we agree on a specific date and time where all of us will be online in Yahoo and just like in the real NBA set-up we draft our players using a snake drafting style. Advanatge: Greater chance you can strategize and pick your players. Disadvantage: It will require time and effort on your part.

  • We do an Off Line Draft, meaning we log in all at Mania, I create a thread there and we do drafting there just like what we did with the Brown Star League and Advantage: this is more fun and we get to bitch out with fellow Maniacs while drafting. Disadvantage: most of us have different time zones and we really need to agree to be on Mania for say 2-3 hours and draft there.

If we are doing the Live or Off Line Mania drafting, I need the players to give me their preferred date. If you would ask me I would say Saturday night or Sunday night would be fine with me. I will make sure to give time for this.

And, before I forget, the winner of this inaugural league gets his Mania Money Pool entry paid by yours truly.

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