Jon Jones Afraid of Rematch, Making Excuses

Forget about how you scored Jones v. Gustafsson.

Who cares. The fight was close. It was competitive.

After all, how can a fight deemed "fight of the year" be considered a dominant win by either party?

I personally thought Alex barely won rounds 1, 2 and 3 (but they were so close that I'm comfortable with the decision).


While Jones landed more "recorded" strikes during the first 3 rounds, most of his strikes were just glancing kicks or push style kicks which seemed almost girl-ish in their ineffectiveness at doing damage (they weren't the same deep kicks that Shogun buried into Machida's thighs which ruined his mobility bigtime).

Also, virtually all but one headkick was blocked yet they all got recorded as strikes landed.

Make no mistake, Jones didn't win via devastating kicks ala Shogun/Machida, he won using girly kicks which did almost no damage yet still got recorded by FightMetric as significant strikes.


In a recent interview Jon Jones attempted to rationalize his poor performance by saying that he was only 70% for the fight, basically saying that he wasn't 100%.

Newsflash: All people who get beat down believe they weren't 100%.

If Jon was only 70% it's because Alex beat the other 30% out of him. LOL.

This is a common psychological ploy which people use when they are living in a state of denial. He can't admit that Alex just rose to the occasion and made him look human because that would mean he'd have to admit to himself that he's no longer "super human" (his ego can't handle that realization).

Do I have to remind everybody that Jon Jones recently said that he thinks he can potentially beat the Klitschko brothers in a BOXING match? Yes, he really did say that.

I wonder if he can also beat Tiger Woods at golf. LOL.

That proves he believes he's super human and is surrounded by "yes men" who tell him whatever he wants to hear.

Mike Winkeljohn is also busy making excuses.

Just after the fight ended he suggested that Jon shattered his foot in the first round and that's why he did so poorly in the fight. I'm sure Winkeljohn was HOPING for an x-ray to prove this fact (so that he could blame a broken foot rather than his own coaching deficiencies).

However, Jon just confirmed that an MRI showed no broken bones and no fractures whatsoever to his foot.

In fact, he simply had a bad BRUISE, lol.

In other words, Winkeljohn's excuse just got destroyed since the only thing Jon suffered from was an itty bitty bruise to his foot. Poor baby, he had to fight through a bruise.

Jon's camp is desperately trying to find any EXCUSE to explain why their super dominant juggernaut couldn't manhandle Alex.


Jon is now saying that he won so "decisively" that granting Alex a rematch wouldn't be fair to Glover Teixeira.

In other words, Jon is now concerned about "being fair" to Glover Teixeira and that's why he doesn't want a rematch with the guy who just beat him down, lol.

But wait a minute.

Just weeks ago Jon gave an interview stating that both Cormier and Glover Teixeira were NOT WORTHY CHALLENGERS (he basically implied they were both too unskilled and slow to even be in the same cage with him).

So WHY would Jon Jones want to pass on a rematch (with a guy who just gave him the toughest fight ever) to fight another guy that he basically thinks is a bum?

It's funny how getting beaten down by Alex has changed the way Jon views Glover Teixeira, lol.

If he loved the concept of "fairness" then why did he accept a bout with Chael Sonnen when Chael hadn't fought in that weight class for years? Why didn't Jon insist on "fairness" back then too? LOL.

I guess "fairness" didn't matter much to Jon when his opponent posed little challenge. LOL.

Here's the truth... Jon thinks Glover will be too slow and too easy to take down and will be an easier fight. FAIRNESS has NOTHING to do with Jon's decision. He wants to avoid another career humbling beat down.

Greg Jackson likely wants more time to work on Jon's take downs before fighting Alex again.

I don't blame him. Greg's no dummy, he knows what he saw.

I just hope Jon stops making excuses for his poor performance and starts telling the truth......that Alex rose to the occasion and shut his game down.

I also hope he admits that he fears fighting Alex again because fighting Alex ISN'T GOOD FOR HIS IMAGE. :-)

Didn't somebody tweet something like that? LOL.

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