Anderson Silva: 'You see Jon Jones? He's my copy!'

Scott Cunningham

Is Jon Jones the mirror-image of Anderson Silva inside the Octagon?

Anderson Silva has a knack for the dramatic inside the Octagon.

Whether the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion is trying to do his best Roy Jones Jr. impersonation by putting his hands down while he slips his opponent's punches, or taunts them into standing toe-to-toe with him in the center of the cage, "The Spider" -- aside from being a great mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter -- is a great showman.

Look no further than his impressive knockout performance over Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, as well as his massacre of Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153.

Silva dared both competitors to give him their best shots by leaving his chin out and hands low, stepping away from the oncoming attacks with ease, all while delivering his perfectly timed counter punches.

Truly art inside the cage; though it didn't work out too well for him against Chris Weidman.

Nevertheless, Silva says that's his own style and it's something he won't change. "This is me, definitely," he said during a recent media scrum (via Fight Hub TV). "Don't question this guys, because this is me, this is me," he emphatically declared.

"I don't change nothing. This is me, Anderson."

And while he agrees with one of Bruce Lee's mantras of being yourself and an individual, he says it isn't necessarily bad to do what others do inside the cage or the ring. Which is why he sees current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones as a "copy" of himself.

"Yeah, of course. You see Jon Jones? He's my copy!"

Indeed, "Bones" has been known to throw a flashy move (or three) inside the Octagon, specifically his trademark spinning elbow, which was on full display (see it here) this past weekend (Sept. 21, 2013) at UFC 165, as Jones tagged Alexander Gustafsson and almost took him out in the fourth round of their 205-pound title fight in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Bones" eventually went on to win a judges' decision.

Granted, Jones' style isn't necessarily the mirror-image of Silva's, but the two do share one thing in common once they step inside the cage, and that's dominance. Though they were both tested -- one defeated -- in their latest outings.

Nevertheless, all similarities aside, one thing we likely won't find Jones doing that Silva has a habit of, is letting his hands hang low during a fight and mock his opponents.

At least not this early into his career.

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