FFB B League Week 3 Recap!!!!!

Alright guys another week in the books and before we start I just wanna say that my sympathy goes out to packers fans everywhere for their close lose this week and a big woohoo to my colts for putting the 49ers in the dirt where they belong. There was some blowouts this week(panthers/giants) and close games(packers/bengals) so lets see who did what.

This weeks matchups:

Weedman vs Dooner: I beat out dooner this week 137.47 to 92.47. Manning lead my team this week with 28.27 points and used his receivers to get the job done for me on Monday night with decker(27.3) and J.Thomas(12.7) sealing the deal. Dooner's team was lead by the G-man jimmy graham with 34.4 points but otherwise a low scoring week for his team. Dooner falls to 2-1 while I advance to 2-1.

Rbf vs TFK: TFK got his first win of the season with a score of 180.1 to 139.0. TFK's "unstoppable" team was firing on all cylinders this week being lead by D.Brees(34.5) and J.Charles(30.2) as well as scoring the most points this week. Rbf stayed in as best he could but with only one player going for more than 20 points(Calvin Johnson) he just couldn't get it done. TFK and Rbf both now set at 1-2.

JACardin vs pballinboxer: In our closet game of the week jacardin gets the win being lead by J.Cameron(30.6) who has emerged as a top fantasy tight end with a total of 70.9 points through three weeks. Ballinboxer fought hard being lead by T.Romo(25) but with basically no one to replace bush with he falls to 1-2 and jacardin keeps his win streak going at 3-0.

BDUBBS vs MMABoss: Bdubbs got the win this week pretty handily despite having Vernon davis lay a goose egg the final score was 149.23 to 113.2. Chicagos defense actually led bdubbs team with 25 points with M.Stafford close behind at 22.03. Not one to be outdone mmaboss had his own goose egg player(H.Knicks) continuing to rely on the beyond terrible NY Giants but they're bound to have a good game sometime. Boss was led by C.Shorts with 22.3 points.

Letstalkmma vs OJR: Letstalk got this one 142.73 to 116.43. He was led by A.Brown who had a breakout game with 9 catches 196 yards and 2 tds for 40.6!! Demarco Murray also added 29.3. OJR was led by R.Wilson(27.3) but with J.Finley leaving the game early and L.Moore crapping the bed he just couldn't overcome.

This week's top players:

Antonio Brown-40.6

Jamaal Charles-30.2

Jimmy Graham-34.4

Drew Brees-34.5

New League Standings:

1-JACardin 3-0


3-BDUBBS 2-1

4-LetsTalkMMA 2-1

5-Doonerthesooner 2-1

6-TFK 1-2

7-Rbf8489 1-2

8-MMABoss 1-2

9-Pballinboxer 1-2

10-OJR 1-2

With the exception of Jacardin and ojr who have first and last place locked in the rest of these positions are a points race at the moment but expect these rankings to get more definitive as the year goes on.

Next week's matchups:

Weedman vs pballinboxer

Rbf8489 vs JACardin



doonerthesooner vs MMABoss

So that's it for this weeks recap pretty standard stuff for the most part but I'm sure tfk was glad to get an easy enough matchup to win and even though ojr has had a rough start don't be surprised if he strings a few wins together and gets back in this.

Also I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a sons of anarchy thread. I love the show and have seen every episode of every season and have seen some threads for other shows on here but wanted to know if there was any interest just let me know in the comments below.

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