UFC Rules and Regulations: Chapter 13: Stopping Contests



It seems a bit of drama has spilled over after UFC President Dana White told reporters that referee Jon McCarthy "begged" the doctor not to stop the UFC Light Heavyweight championship fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

Some are not happy with McCarthy's actions, and feel it showed bias towards Jones; however here's a little reason why this may be more of a Dana White fib rather than what actually took place.

According to Chapter 13 in the UFC rules and Regulations title "Stopping Contests" it is the referee's decision whether or not to stop a fight, not the doctors. The doctor serves as a utility to the referee in which their advice is taken.

UFC Rules and Regulations Chapter 13: Stopping Contests

"The referee is the sole arbiter of a contest and is the only individual authorized to stop a contest. The referee may take advice from the ringside physician and/or the Commission with respect to the decision to stop a contest

The referee and the ringside physician are the only individuals authorized to enter the ring/fighting area at any time during competition other than the rest periods and subsequent to the contest ending."

Although there is no proof whether or not Dana White misinterpreted himself or fibbed, according to the rule books McCarthy was in no position to "beg" or "plead" as it was his decision and his solely.

The only other explanation than Dana mis-speaking would be Jon McCarthy not knowing the rules, but this idea is extremely flawed given that McCarthy is a key contributor to the UFC and MMA's rulesets.

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