LOL! Travis Browne in stitches following Ben Rothwell's call out at UFC 164

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Rothwell wants a piece of Travis Browne. Unfortunately for "Big" Ben, "Hapa" doesn't believe he's earned it.

Get on my level!

That was pretty much the gist of Travis Browne's message when he was called out by fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Ben Rothwell, who shot back into the win column with a third-round technical knockout victory over Brandon Vera.

See the video replay here.

Following his destruction of "The Truth," which took place at UFC 164 on Aug. 31, 2013 from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "Big" Ben told Joe Rogan he wanted an "epic" and "dramatic" fight against "Hapa," who's knocking on the door of a UFC title shot.

Browne's response on Twitter? Yeah, no.

"LOL @rothwellfighter had your chance a yr ago but you magically sprained your little toe and now you want to be given something I've earned. I'm looking forward, not back.. You have some catching up to do son. If it was about respect then you would work your way up the ladder and earn the shots I've earned not ask for them w/the mic."

Rothwell clarified that it was all about respect and that he was simply looking to give fans the kind of fights they want to see. He had that chance back at UFC on FOX 4 (details); however, the longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran was forced to bow out due to injury.

But is Browne getting a little too big for his britches?

While he's managed to get back into the 265-pound title race on the heels of his UFC Fight Night 26 win over Alistair Overeem earlier this month, he was knocked out by Antonio Silva and did do the turtle in his "Beantown" brawl against "Demolition Man."

And Rothwell has twice as many wins as Browne does fights.

On the flip side, beating up a bloated light heavyweight does not exactly vault you to the top of the division, so it's understandable if the Hawaiian is only interested in bigger and better opportunities. Perhaps Josh Barnett would be the kind of fighter he's looking for?

Lots of pieces to this puzzle, Maniacs. Let's start sorting them out in the comments section below.

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