Alright guys week 2 games are over and lets see who done what. Except for TFK of course cuz he didn't do shit but lose like always.


Diazsweedman got 28.30 points from Pierre Garcon and 21.93 from Peyton Manning to get the win over TFK 149.93 - 141.53. While each team hit their projections, Diazsweedman scored 9.0% more than a projected 137.60 points to get the win. TFK was led by the Seattle Seahawks Defense with 26.00 points and Stevie Johnson who scored 25.10. Diazsweedman (1-1, 311.13 points) moves into third place while TFK (0-2, 298.23 points) winds up in ninth place and to be fair Stephen Jackson did get hurt but that's fantasy for ya.


Rbf8489 notched the second-highest score in the league this week and beat BDUBBS 151.17 - 108.07. Rbf8489 beat expectations and scored 16.2% more points than projected (130.04). BDUBBS got just 76.2% of a projected 141.79 points. BDUBBS, coming off a 194.30 - 156.70 win against TFK, saw their scoring drop off this week. Rbf8489 (1-1, 266.90 points) moves into seventh place and BDUBBS (1-1, 302.37 points) winds up in fourth place.

JACardin VS LetsTalkMMA

JACardin pulled off a 148.10 - 138.13 upset over LetsTalkMMA behind Aaron Rodgers, whose 42.70 points were the highest point total of the week. The projected spread for the matchup had been 17.45 points. JACardin played better than expected and scored 18.4% more than their projected 125.06 points, while LetsTalkMMA fell just short of projections and got 96.9% of a projected 142.51. LetsTalkMMA had two players rank highly this week. Dez Bryant scored 29.10 points while Randall Cobb put up 27.80. Each team left something on the table as JACardin had one starter turn in zero points and LetsTalkMMA also had one. JACardin (2-0, 313.60 points) moves into first place and LetsTalkMMA (1-1, 275.66 points) winds up in sixth place.

doonerthesooner VS pballinboxer

doonerthesooner (2-0, 245.30 points) was able to slip past pballinboxer, 128.23 - 123.33, in spite of earning just the eighth-highest point total in the league this week. This is the second straight lucky win for doonerthesooner, who took down Rbf8489 117.07 - 115.73 in Week 1. This was a difficult one for pballinboxer (1-1, 262.50 points) to take, who in addition to losing, also ended up ninth in the league in points. Jimmy Graham (33.90 points) was the leading scorer for doonerthesooner, posting the sixth-highest total in the league this week.


MMA Boss (1-1, 291.47 points) put up the highest point total this week to beat OJR (0-2, 268.90 points) 161.97 - 144.93. MMA Boss scored first and went into Sunday in front 33.17 - 0. That advantage disappeared by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed by 45.73. Sunday night came to an end with MMA Boss on top, where they would remain.

League standings after two weeks:

Division 1

2 doonerthesooner 2-0-0 1-0-0 245.30

3 Diazsweedman 1-1-0 1-0-0 311.13

4 BDUBBS 1-1-0 1-1-0 302.37

7 Rbf8489 1-1-0 1-1-0 266.90

9 TFK 0-2-0 0-2-0 298.23

Division 2

1 JACardin 2-0-0 1-0-0 313.60

5 MMA Boss 1-1-0 1-1-0 291.47

6 LetsTalkMMA 1-1-0 1-1-0 275.66

8 pballinboxer 1-1-0 1-0-0 262.50

10 OJR 0-2-0 0-2-0 268.90

Next weeks matchups:

Diazsweedman VS doonerthesooner

Rbf8489 VS TFK

JACardin VS pballinboxer



So set your line ups boys and lets hope your not the one getting fucked over this week but it is fantasy football so five ppl better get their frown faces ready. Also if anyone else wants to cover the recap posts from time to time I have no problem with that I only do it if I have time which I've had these last two weeks but im sure there will be a week where I cant so if anyone interested speak up in the comment section.

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