MMAmania FFB Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview

Week 2 is in the books. Puck Head, Kevin, Buster and BJ's team all look very strong. And it looks like week 1 was a fluke - Deuce's team is back to playing like Deuce's team.

Here are the top 5 fantasy performances from Week 2:

1. Aaron Rodgers - 42.7 - BJPennfan

2. Michael Vick - 37.37 - Puck Head

3. Philip Rivers - 36.07 - TripPilch's BENCH

4. Julio Jones - 35.20 - Kevin

5. Marshawn Lynch - 34.50 - BJPennfan

And now a look at the week 2 matchups:

ViolentMike: 140.67

Joben: 134.63

Told ya. $25. Dez had a monster first quarter and ended with 29.1 points for VM. Joben had a big game from James Jones who overcame his goose egg last week to put up 26.8 points. Vincent Jackson caught a 70 yard TD pass that got called back due to holding. If that flag wasn't thrown, Joben wins.

BJPennfan: 193.20

Shiv: 120.63

Shiv's team is looking prettay, prettay, prettay weak right about now. He could be in trouble this season. Meanwhile BJ's team has been coasting.

donkeypunch: 134.13

Griffinfan: 119.17

donkey lucking out with a lucky schedule again.

Kevin: 159.07

Deuce: 90.73

Easy win for kev here despite a 1.7 point game from Boldin. But not to be out done, Deuce's Danarius Moore laid a goose egg.

Buster Bluth: 152.67

TripPilch: 93.53

TripPilch has his two starting RB's leave the game in the first qtr and not return and Phillip Rivers on the bench. That was simply too much to overcome against one of the top teams.

Puch Head: 180.77

John G: 101.3

Puck's team profited from the Eagles game owning the Vick and DeSean connection. Philly's own John G must have had a bitter sweet experience watching that game. But John G did start an Eagle, Bret Celek. He laid a goose egg.

Here is a quick Week 3 preview with current projected points

ViolentMike (137.16) vs donkeypunch (128.29)

Shiv (133.66) vs Kevin (132.16)

Griffinfan (112.38) vs Buster (145.86)

Deuce (67.8) vs John G (75.43)

Joben (138.35) vs TripPilchh (135.43)

BJPennFan (123.59) vs Puck Head (147.79)

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