MMAmania FFB Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is in the books. I wish I had more time to write the fan post, but I don't, so this one will be kinda quick.

The Top 5 fantasy performers of the week were:

1) Peyton Fucking Manning (Joben) - 60.20 points. The most points I have ever seen in fantasy football. Insane

2) Anquan Boldin (Kevin) - 42.80 points. Was in pure beastmode in his first game with the Niners.

3) AJ Green (Kevin) - 37.20. This kid is good. Really good. Now just imagine of Daulton was good...

4) Colin Kapernick (donkeypunch) - 36.93 points. In the playoffs last year, Kaep eliminated the Packers by rushing for 180 yards. This week, he passes for over 400.

5) Victor Cruz (BJPennfan) - 34.80 points. I don't want to talk about this game.

Now on to the Week 1 matchups:

Griffinfan - 142.47

ViolentMike - 112.10

Who ever said white boys can't play wide receiver? Welker (VM), Amendola (GF) and Jordy (GF) all had solid games. Griffin's Chris Ivory's 1.50 points held Griffin back from a big week. VM's David Wilson had NEGATIVE 2.10. Again, not talking about it.

Deuce - 138.37

Shiv - 105.30

Shiv's RB Lamar Miller (2) and MJD(4.5) laid some duds. Deuce's boys Larry Fitzgerald (28)and Jason Whitten (27) carried his team

Joben - 158.80

Buster Bluth - 157.30

in the game of the week, Peyton Manning, I mean Joben, was able to hold on to the win. If he lost, he could only blame himself for drafting and starting James Jones and Zach Sudfeld, who both laid goose eggs. Buster went into last nights game down 28 points. Andre Johnson scored 26.60. So close.

BJPennfan - 130.20

John G - 106.23

BJ was able to overcome weak games by his RB's, Lynch (7.2), Bradshaw (4.3) and Ball (2.40). If it was for Luck's good game, John G would be around 90 points this week. Not a good debut.

Donkeypunch - 158.93

TripPilch - 145.07

Donkey's team looks pretty solid all around despite being pretty weak at WR. Trip could have pulled this off with a better TE, but Cody Fleener scored a sad 1.7 points.

Kevin - 183.13

Puck Head - 170.07

In the highest scoring game of the week, Kevin prevails. Boldin with 42.8, Green with 37.2, Peterson with 33.10. Lots of big game for kev. Puck had solid performances from all of his players except for one, the one I called out, Chris Johnson, who scored 7 points.

I'll either update this fan post or put up a new one on Friday for the Week 2 Previews

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