Vitor Belfort: TRT makes it fair in my career against my opponent

Chris Trotman

Oh boy, Vitor talking about TRT. What could go wrong?

Vitor Belfort is getting tired of the questions about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), especially considering he's not even the only fighter using the controversial treatment.

The former UFC champion and recent middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger has been on quite a roll in the last eight months, scoring knockout victories over top contenders Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold in his native Brazils.

But despite the impressive wins, the questions always seem to come back to the fact that he's competing outside Las Vegas (where he was once caught for Steroidsd likely would not be all) and that he's been approved for TRT in his home country, despite not likely being approved in Nevada.

Speaking with Sherdog in a video interview, "The Phenom" opened up about his use of the controversial treatment, saying it makes the fights fair for him and for his opponents due to his naturally low levels of testosterone.

"I always do blood work every week before a fight. We have tons of blood because the TRT, the replacement, after a shot, you cannot do the blood right away because the shot gets your level (raises hand up) in the system. So the bottom line,  my level is always lower than the other guy. I never go in the limit of the level. What I try to do is just be fair with my career against my opponent. The TRT is just something that my body cannot produce and I'm doing the treatment with doctors, with blood work, so everything's pretty black and white. Nothing should be crazy about it. A lot of guys are out there doing a lot of stuff and they don't get caught because."

Would you be cool with Belfort's use of TRT knowing he's constantly being tested to make sure his levels aren't too high?

And Belfort had a simple response for anyone who had anything negative to say about how the athletic commission handles everything in Brazil.

"People talk about the Brazil commission. The commission here is so much more tough than America."

Talk about a bold statement. What do you make of Belfort's discussion on TRT. After seeing his last two fights against Belfort and Bisping, is he giving his opponents a fair match?

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