***** MMAmania FFB B League Sign Ups and Registration!!!!!!!!!! *****

The A League has decided its two new members - John G and TripPilch. Congrats guys, I'm already looking forward to a couple of easy wins this season!

So now that we have the A League all filled up, its time to fill up the B League.

In this preseason's first FFB fan post, we had 14 maniacs interested in playing this season. The A League absorbed two of them which leaves us with 12 - the exact number we were looking for for the B League. However, since then DoctorMMA has posted that he is no longer available to participate in FFB this season we are left with 11. The good new is that leaves room for El President himself, OJR, to step up and once again be the commissioner of the B League. Thanks OJR, I really appreciate it.

Here is the list of maniacs that said they were interested:

Jesse Holland

ARE ALL 11 OF YOU STILL INTERESTED?????????? If you are, PLEASE reply below to confirm. Also, if OJR doesn't already have your email address, please send me an email at carmelo327 at yahoo so we can get you registered.

I am reserving the 11 spots in the B League for these people listed above as they were the first to raise their hand. If any back out or don't show up, we will have room for more people to sign up.

The dues for the B League will be either $30 or $50. You guys can decide. The A League is most likely going up to $50 this season.

The rules for the B League are the SAME as the A League. The only possible difference is that the A League will be voting to become a keeper league. I would expect there to be too much turnover in the B League to turn it into a keeper. Plus the champ might not want to leave his team behind and move up to the A League.

You can read all the rules in the first fan post of the preseason, located here

I am on a conference call at work multitasking to get this done. If I forgot anything, I'll post it in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, post them in the comments. Thanks.

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