Ricardo Lamas wants 'new blood' in the UFC featherweight title picture

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Ricardo Lamas is one of many recent UFC fighters who have caught the short end of the stick at the most inopportune times in their career.

After his potential title shot against Jose Aldo was given to lightweight star Anthony Pettis, Lamas decided to keep the ball rolling and accepted a bout with Chan Sung Jung at UFC 162.

Of course, we know how that story ended. In an unfortunate turn of events, Pettis suffered an injury and was forced to withdraw from the title fight and insult was added to injury when UFC tapped his opponent "The Korean Zombie" as the replacement title challenger instead, once again leaving Lamas without a fight.

Patience may be a virtue, but for Lamas it has been a disaster -- following UFC 163 Lamas took the matter into his own hands (as many fighters nowadays) and is currently utilizing the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" approach.

Lamas posted a video via Twitter announcing his official campaign for the next title opportunity while at a club in Chicago.

"The Bully" has a point and one he can sure back up with the results needed. Many may point to Cub Swanson and his recent hot streak as deserving of a shot at the belt, but Lamas has already choked him out previously at the first UFC on Fox event.

The red-hot featherweight spoke his mind to Bleacher Report recently:

"I think it's a clear picture right now, Cub has been on a roll, but I have a win over Cub. I would understand if I would have lost after beating him, but since then I have beaten two guys who were supposed to fight for the title. Out of the three other guys in my weight class people are talking about which are Cub, Frankie Edgar, and Chad Mendes, I'm the only one who hasn't had the chance to fight Aldo yet. All three of those guys have fought Aldo already. Let's get some new blood in there... I've earned the title shot and it's my turn to fight Aldo."

Lamas' current win streak includes three straight victories over the likes of Hatsu Hioki (when he was the number two ranked featherweight in the world) and Erik Koch (after he had lost out on a featherweight title fight due to injury) so frankly speaking, no one has a better case right now for a shot at Aldo's title.

If the Chicago-native chooses to sit out and wait for his title shot, he'll be on the sidelines until at least 2014 after Aldo suffered a broken foot in the first round of his recent title defense.

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