Freepool results / Bracket Tourny Final 4 ( UFC 163 )


Alright you fuckin maggots, UFC 163 is in the books and I've finally sobered up enough to write this shit. I've literally no idea what happened in the event, I remember thinkin Machida got robbed though, and Perosh stunnin the crowd into silence. And Aldo borin the crowd. Other than that, don't really remember much.

Oh ya, I remember gettin banned. Worst half hour of my life. Time t' crack on.




For the 3rd time this season Dlocc makes the podium having previously finishing 3rd and also winning an event. And to think he could have won this event if he had only switched his Hot-Bout ud to Leites instead of Watson. However, missin the hot-bout and making 3rd is no easy ask, but pickin a guy who doesn't even have a picture on Playground will help with a few bonus points. Congrats.

  • Scored 73
  • 9/12 correct picks
  • 3 perfects ( Moraes, Yahya and McCall )
  • 0 Hot Points
  • 2 Bonus points for picking underdog Barroso
  • #131 out of 1712
  • In 3rd place overall




For the 5th time this season, anewbie is on the podium. Previously he has come 3rd once, 2nd twice and shared top spot with his closest rival, Aussie. So there is some serious form from the camp leader, and getting 2 bonus points and a perfect decision on an underdogs is impressive to say the least. Also outscoring the moneypool and Joint 8th overall on Playground and makin front page, that's pretty cool too.

  • Scored 91
  • 10/12 correct picks
  • 4 perfects ( Moraes, Leites, Nunes and Barroso )
  • 22 Hot Points
  • 2 Bonus points for picking underdog Barroso ( 13 points )
  • #8 out of 1712
  • Would be 3rd in the Moneypool
  • Current camp leader




Numero Uno, Top Dog.

Well well well, Aussie makes only his 2nd appearance on the podium having previously winning one event. Ironically his score then was the same as his winning score from this event (94), and he shared that 2st place with the man he is currently trying to topple from top spot (anewbie).

Havin originally bein awarded 89 points and givin top billing in all of Playground, they finally got theirs scores up to date, and eventually awarded Aussie more points, but relegated him to 2nd overall. Still, this is no mean feat, this is a fantastic result in fairness. Hitting 5 perfect picks in one event is impressive also, and one of them is an underdog, deserves top spot tbh.

  • Scored 94
  • 9/12 correct picks
  • 5 perfects ( Moraes, Leites, Andrade, McCall and Barroso )
  • 22 Hot Points
  • 2 Bonus points for picking underdog Barroso ( 13 points )
  • #2 out of 1712
  • Currently 2nd overall
  • Congratulations!



Ah me 'ol Paddy buddy scored 5 shitty points cos he couldn't be bothered to pick anythin but an Aldo win. Tut-tut Kev.

Event Scores:

Some class scoring it must be said.










4 69 PotOfGold
5 66 megamike1989
6 61 bezeau24
7 59 scott1
8 58 McRad
9 57 karpentero
10 56 TheNextDamnChamp
11 55 fulch
12 51 Bons_210309
12 51 the_rocketeer
14 50 vhw
15 45 diazsweedman
15 45 Cedy027
17 35 Plainview
18 28 chrism
19 27 Cambs1




Current League standings:

No difference in the top 2 from last week with Aussie bringin the heat. Can anwebie keep up the pace with only 2 events left and 27 points difference?










4 528 scott1
5 513 karpentero
6 508 Bons_210309
7 493 megamike1989
8 483 fulch
9 482 McRad
10 464 wolfman13
11 456 Cambs1
12 450 bezeau24
13 443 Scaly_Manphi
14 433 diazsweedman
15 431 IrishKev
16 419 Cedy027
17 412 the_rocketeer
18 409 TheNextDamnChamp
19 396 PotOfGold
20 389 Plainview
21 328 vhw
22 312 T_BUCK7
23 293 Raymondo
24 265 chrism
25 263 phillie90

64 Man Bracket Tourny

We are now down to the Final 4.

Semi finals.

I have to admit, I'm lovin these match-ups. Aussie and anewbie fightin for a golden ticket to the moneypool on both fronts, and hopin for a double win. Phasebook is also in the hunt for a clean sweep and lookin for a double win of his own. All he has to do his keep up his good run of form and hope Rolandando doesn't spoil the party.

Who is going to be contesting the final?


Good luck to all involved!


That's your lot!

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