'Rampage' Jackson: Tito Ortiz 'fu**ed up' Roy Jones Jr. fight, considered Kimbo Slice boxing match

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Quinton Jackson was all set to box Roy Jones Jr. under the Bellator banner before his old friend, Tito Ortiz, joined the promotion. Now, "Rampage" will have to take care of "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" before realizing his boxing aspirations.

If you thought the proposed boxing match between former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson and boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. was just a ruse, think again.

Even though "Rampage" signed on the dotted line to face another former UFC champion, Tito Ortiz, under the Bellator MMA banner -- the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion's first-ever foray into the pay-per-view (PPV) business on Nov. 2, 2013 -- Jackson still has his sights on Jones.

And the feeling is mutual, according to Quinton, who revealed during today's (Aug, 5, 2013) Bellator 106 media conference call that a boxing match against Jones Jr. might still take place in the near future after Ortiz "fucked up" the original plan.

Furthermore, "Rampage" suggested he even considered taking on another UFC castoff turned-boxer, Kimbo Slice:

"Honestly, I think Tito fucked up that (Roy Jones Jr.) fight. The whole time I was getting ready to prepare for Jones. I was gonna get down to 200 pounds, I was already setting up a boxing camp and everything and then Tito signed to Bellator and I thought, 'Damn, there goes my Roy Jones fight!' But, I think the Jones fight will come around eventually after Tito and I fight. If everything goes according to plan, I'm sure that's a fight that will happen because Jones is very interested in fighting me."

And boxing, according to Jackson, has always been on his bucket list -- even way back when -- admitting that when he saw Slice doing well post-UFC, he even considered a squared circle showdown against his former The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) student.

His words:

"When I was voicing leaving the UFC and I wanted to box, before I even signed with Bellator, I was being real. I wanted to box because I heard Kimbo was out there doing some boxing was doing good and I figured, 'Hell, I'll box him.' I just wanted to try boxing because if you think about it, I've done everything else. I've done jiu-jitsu at the beginning of my career, K-1 and I've done MMA, apparently. But, boxing is the only thing I haven't done and I want to try it before retire ... it just played out the way it did, then Tito came over and fucked all that up."

Kimbo vs. Jackson in an MMA cage or boxing ring?

Anything is seemingly possible now that both combatants have the liberty to explore different fighting options and are no longer under an exclusive UFC contract.

Should a boxing match against Jones or Slice not come to fruition after his clash against Ortiz, Tyrone Spong is looking for someone to box later this year, too.

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