To start this is my first fanpost and I'm not really worried about grammar or spelling like some folks around here so the grammar Nazis need to check their feelings at the door.

Now down to business we had the b league draft the last night and while the actual draft went fine we had some other problems with members and dues for our league. We ended up with some ppl not paying before the draft and as a result our commish(props to ojr for being a great commish and taking care of all this money bs for us) just decided to make it a free league like a freepool version of Fantasy Football. Personally I don't really care either way but some still wanted to make it a money league but the fact of the matter is that we all knew when the draft was the rules about payment were made quite clear and ojr was sending emails like crazy leading up to the draft and we know everyone got the same emails. Yes there was some confusion about our league not getting the required 10 person limit to the morning of the draft but the fact is we all had plenty of time to pay and most did hell I actually had to create a paypal just to b e able to send ojr the money and play in the league which was all pointless now. The point is fellas if u sign up for something on mania follow through with bcuz nobody likes ending up in the situations we had during our draft.

Now that my bitching is out of the way here are our draft results:

Round 1

1. Adrian Peterson (Min - RB) OJR

2. Jamaal Charles (KC - RB) TFK

3. Doug Martin (TB - RB) doonerthesooner

4. LeSean McCoy (Phi - RB) BDUBBS

5. Ray Rice (Bal - RB) Diazsweedman

6. Trent Richardson (Cle - RB) pballinboxer

7. C.J. Spiller (Buf - RB) JACardin

8. Arian Foster (Hou - RB) LetsTalkMMA

9. Calvin Johnson (Det - WR) Rbf8489

10. Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB) MMA Boss

Round 2

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB - QB) MMA Boss

2. Alfred Morris (Was - RB) Rbf8489

3. Dez Bryant (Dal - WR) LetsTalkMMA

4. Matt Forte (Chi - RB) JACardin

5. Brandon Marshall (Chi - WR) pballinboxer

6. Peyton Manning (Den - QB) Diazsweedman

7. A.J. Green (Cin - WR) BDUBBS

8. Jimmy Graham (NO - TE) doonerthesooner

9. Drew Brees (NO - QB) TFK

10. Julio Jones (Atl - WR) OJR

Round 3

1. Chris Johnson (Ten - RB) OJR

2. Steven Jackson (Atl - RB) TFK

3. Stevan Ridley (NE - RB) doonerthesooner

4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac - RB) BDUBBS

5. Eric Decker (Den - WR) Diazsweedman

6. Reggie Bush (Det - RB) pballinboxer

7. Demaryius Thomas (Den - WR) JACardin

8. Randall Cobb (GB - WR) LetsTalkMMA

9. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - WR) Rbf8489

10. Roddy White (Atl - WR) MMA Boss

. Round 4

1. Darren Sproles (NO - RB) MMA Boss

2. Frank Gore (SF - RB) Rbf8489

3. DeMarco Murray (Dal - RB) LetsTalkMMA

4. Victor Cruz (NYG - WR) JACardin

5. Vincent Jackson (TB - WR) pballinboxer

6. Ahmad Bradshaw (Ind - RB) Diazsweedman

7. Andre Johnson (Hou - WR) BDUBBS

8. Cam Newton (Car - QB) doonerthesooner

9. Wes Welker (Den - WR) TFK

10. Michael Turner (Atl - RB) OJR

Round 5

1. DeAngelo Williams (Car - RB) OJR

2. Marques Colston (NO - WR) TFK

3. Dwayne Bowe (KC - WR) doonerthesooner

4. Reggie Wayne (Ind - WR) BDUBBS

5. Pierre Garcon (Was - WR) Diazsweedman

6. David Wilson (NYG - RB) pballinboxer

7. Danny Amendola (NE - WR) JACardin

8. Colin Kaepernick (SF - QB) LetsTalkMMA

9. Torrey Smith (Bal - WR) Rbf8489

10. Rob Gronkowski (NE - TE) MMA Boss

Round 6

1. Hakeem Nicks (NYG - WR) MMA Boss

2. Matt Ryan (Atl - QB) Rbf8489

3. Antonio Brown (Pit - WR) LetsTalkMMA

4. Tom Brady (NE - QB) JACardin

5. Steve Smith (Car - WR) pballinboxer

6. Tony Gonzalez (Atl - TE) Diazsweedman

7. Matthew Stafford (Det - QB) BDUBBS

8. Eddie Lacy (GB - RB) doonerthesooner

9. Lamar Miller (Mia - RB) TFK

10. James Jones (GB - WR) OJR

. Round 7

1. Russell Wilson (Sea - QB) OJR

2. Jason Witten (Dal - TE) TFK

3. Jordy Nelson (GB - WR) doonerthesooner

4. Vernon Davis (SF - TE) BDUBBS

5. Miles Austin (Dal - WR) Diazsweedman

6. Tony Romo (Dal - QB) pballinboxer

7. Ryan Mathews (SD - RB) JACardin

8. Darren McFadden (Oak - RB) LetsTalkMMA

9. Rashard Mendenhall (Ari - RB) Rbf8489

10. Cecil Shorts (Jac - WR) MMA Boss

Round 8

1. Chris Ivory (NYJ - RB) MMA Boss

2. DeSean Jackson (Phi - WR) Rbf8489

3. Mike Wallace (Mia - WR) LetsTalkMMA

4. Greg Olsen (Car - TE) JACardin

5. Daryl Richardson (StL - RB) pballinboxer

6. Mike Williams (TB - WR) Diazsweedman

7. Golden Tate (Sea - WR) BDUBBS

8. T.Y. Hilton (Ind - WR) doonerthesooner

9. Stevie Johnson (Buf - WR) TFK

10. Lance Moore (NO - WR) OJR

Round 9

1. Jermichael Finley (GB - TE) OJR

2. Seattle (Sea - DEF) TFK

3. San Francisco (SF - DEF) doonerthesooner

4. Chicago (Chi - DEF) BDUBBS

5. Kyle Rudolph (Min - TE) Diazsweedman

6. Anquan Boldin (SF - WR) pballinboxer

7. Houston (Hou - DEF) JACardin

8. Tavon Austin (StL - WR) LetsTalkMMA

9. Montee Ball (Den - RB) Rbf8489

10. Giovani Bernard (Cin - RB) MMA Boss

. Round 10

1. Denver (Den - DEF) MMA Boss

2. Fred Davis (Was - TE) Rbf8489

3. Ben Tate (Hou - RB) LetsTalkMMA

4. Matt Bryant (Atl - K) JACardin

5. Greg Jennings (Min - WR) pballinboxer

6. Sidney Rice (Sea - WR) Diazsweedman

7. Le'Veon Bell (Pit - RB) BDUBBS

8. Phil Dawson (SF - K) doonerthesooner

9. Shane Vereen (NE - RB) TFK

10. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin - RB) OJR

Round 11

1. Knowshon Moreno (Den - RB) OJR

2. Josh Gordon (Cle - WR) TFK

3. Robert Griffin III (Was - QB) doonerthesooner

4. Stephen Gostkowski (NE - K) BDUBBS

5. New England (NE - DEF) Diazsweedman

6. Brandon Myers (NYG - TE) pballinboxer

7. Andrew Luck (Ind - QB) JACardin

8. Michael Vick (Phi - QB) LetsTalkMMA

9. Cincinnati (Cin - DEF) Rbf8489

10. Kenbrell Thompkins (NE - WR) MMA Boss

Round 12

1. Owen Daniels (Hou - TE) MMA Boss

2. Blair Walsh (Min - K) Rbf8489

3. Kenny Britt (Ten - WR) LetsTalkMMA

4. Andre Brown (NYG - RB) JACardin

5. Mark Ingram (NO - RB) pballinboxer

6. Shonn Greene (Ten - RB) Diazsweedman

7. Eli Manning (NYG - QB) BDUBBS

8. Chris Givens (StL - WR) doonerthesooner

9. Alex Smith (KC - QB) TFK

10. Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) OJR

. Round 13

1. Vick Ballard (Ind - RB) OJR

2. Brian Hartline (Mia - WR) TFK

3. Vincent Brown (SD - WR) doonerthesooner

4. Bernard Pierce (Bal - RB) BDUBBS

5. Andy Dalton (Cin - QB) Diazsweedman

6. Antonio Gates (SD - TE) pballinboxer

7. Isaac Redman (Pit - RB) JACardin

8. Jonathan Dwyer (Pit - RB) LetsTalkMMA

9. Michael Floyd (Ari - WR) Rbf8489

10. Joe Flacco (Bal - QB) MMA Boss

Round 14

1. Justin Tucker (Bal - K) MMA Boss

2. Jared Cook (StL - TE) Rbf8489

3. Zach Sudfeld (NE - TE) LetsTalkMMA

4. Jordan Cameron (Cle - TE) JACardin

5. Emmanuel Sanders (Pit - WR) pballinboxer

6. Matt Prater (Den - K) Diazsweedman

7. Ryan Broyles (Det - WR) BDUBBS

8. Bilal Powell (NYJ - RB) doonerthesooner

9. Joique Bell (Det - RB) TFK

10. Darrius Heyward-Bey (Ind - WR) OJR

Round 15

1. Robbie Gould (Chi - K) OJR

2. Roy Helu (Was - RB) TFK

3. Martellus Bennett (Chi - TE) doonerthesooner

4. Denarius Moore (Oak - WR) BDUBBS

5. Danny Woodhead (SD - RB) Diazsweedman

6. Dan Bailey (Dal - K) pballinboxer

7. Rueben Randle (NYG - WR) JACardin

8. St. Louis (StL - DEF) LetsTalkMMA

9. Carson Palmer (Ari - QB) Rbf8489

10. Justin Blackmon (Jac - WR) MMA Boss

. Round 16

1. Malcom Floyd (SD - WR) MMA Boss

2. Arizona (Ari - DEF) Rbf8489

3. Mike Nugent (Cin - K) LetsTalkMMA

4. Baltimore (Bal - DEF) JACardin

5. Green Bay (GB - DEF) pballinboxer

6. Michael Crabtree (SF - WR) Diazsweedman

7. Alshon Jeffery (Chi - WR) BDUBBS

8. Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF) doonerthesooner

9. Tyler Eifert (Cin - TE) TFK

10. Tampa Bay (TB - DEF) OJR

Lastly: Some where wanting to take a vote about still making our league money and as I said above I don't really care but if you do then let everyone know in the comment section. Maybe if everyone agrees ojr might change his mind but lets not forget the most important thing...ITS FOOTBALL SEASON BITCHES!!!!!! So kick ur wives or boyfriends(oily) out get some beer and tacos so you can watch my time kick yall's ass with a buzz and full belly because no loser should be hungry or not drunk. Thanks for reading Weedman out!! .

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