Freepool results. / Bracket tourny result. My final re-cap!!


Well Maggots, that's the end of this shit for me.

I've been running this Freepool for over a year and a half now I think, seems way longer tbh. I've been doin these re-caps for almost 2 years, unofficially. I remember when the Moneypool had the recaps done by Davey?, and they were long ass essays. People loved them, some fuckin hated them, I wasn't even in the pool. Then Davey got hounded from Mania, I think Jay took over the recaps. Then Phase. Then I took on the Freepool.

Now I come up with a shit ton of fresh ideas for these re-caps, hot randon chick to end the post, charts, graphs, golden tickets, ring girls for positions, shit-picker, arrow gifs created from scratch. Not copied from the net, lookin at you Phase, ya thief lol. I even had an idea of a trophy to put winners names on, but then Dooby turned up with a trophy of his own, so I gave up that idea. True story.

Ya, Phases re-caps look good now, copied learned from the master, your welcome! Although I could never compete with his research, fuck that shit.

I used to do these recaps absolutely pissed drunk, at 7am sometimes. Other times, I'd have an almighty hangover. Hell, I even created the Bracket tourny, which was more to re-cap on. But the more I did it, the more stale it all became, more I just didn't want to do it anymore. Fresh out of idea's and generally just wanting to go to the pub and kill the hangover without thinking about doing a fuckin results post for you cunts.

So I'm finally fuckin passin this responsibility over to VHW.

With that, I would personally like to thank each and every cunt who has ever been involved with the Freepool and Bracket Tourny. Thanks to all who rec'd my posts, left comments, complains about me bein 3 days late or askin what the fuck is goin on with the Bracket? Who did I get? Thank you to those who won their entry fee to the Moneypool, your welcome. And thanks to those who participated throughout the whole season, time and time again.

Thank you all!

Now look who's writing a fuckin essay eh. +2 Bonus points if you actually read all that self appreciation shite. Straight onto the results, cos what was the point of me ever writing about the actual event anyway, like I used to. Fuckin cool event re-cap right here. It's quick and dirty!

Onto the results.




For the fourth time this season Dlocc has managed to end up in the top 3. He won one event and this marks the 3rd time he finsed an event in 3rd place. He ended the season in 5th place overall. Thanks for competing man. Dlocc finished with bronze this event by scoring:

  • 62 points
  • 8/11 correct picks
  • 3 perfect picks ( Elkins, Thatch and R.D.S.)
  • 0 Hot points
  • +2 Bonus points for RDS pick
  • Congrats




Landing in 2nd place, by just 2 points is Karpen fuckin tero. This is his 3rd podium finish having previously finishing in a 3rd place position and actually sharing gold in the first event. He finishes the season in a respectable 4th place. He took silver this event by scoring:

  • 64 points
  • 8/11 correct picks
  • 3 perfect picks ( Elkins, Tavares and R.D.S.)
  • 0 Hot points
  • +2 Bonus points for RDS pick
  • Very well done!




Numero Uno, Top Dog Roo, Championeee!!!


Well, when you get on the podium 3 times in a season, but never came second or 3rd, you must be doing something right.

Yup, 3 times this season he was on the podium, and all 3 times were gold. First place, 3 fuckin times!!

All of the top 3 last night completely missed the hot-bout, so well done lads. But for Aussie, the hot-bout was the only fight he got wrong, almost a perfect night. However, the overall result was more than perfect. He ended the night as champion, having destroyed Anewbie's sizable lead with 2 events to go, he was on relentless form, and finished the night the champion.

Aussie took down the final event by scoring:

  • 70 points
  • 10/11 correct picks. Unlucky kid!
  • 2 perfect picks ( Elkins, Thatch )
  • 0 Hot points
  • +2 Bonus points for RDS pick
  • Congratualtions Champ!



Bubbles gets the unfortunate award again, ( back to back now ) after picking only 4 correct results from 11 fights with a shitty score of 26 points.

Hall of Fame.

Event winners:

Dlocc also got 3 golds, shit, unlucky man!

  1. Bons / Karpentero
  2. Dlocc
  3. McRad
  4. Aussie
  5. McRad
  6. Wolfman13
  7. McRad
  8. Aussie
  9. Ceduy027
  10. Aussie

Hall of Shame.


Back to back shit pickin to end the season for Bubbles.

  1. PaulNewman
  2. PotOfGold
  3. UKBlitzkrieg
  4. T_Buck7
  5. TheNextDamnChump
  6. Chrism
  7. VHW
  8. IrishKev
  9. Bubbles24
  10. Bezeau24

Event Scores:







3 62 Dlocc
4 58 anewbie
5 55 vhw
6 53 chrism
6 53 scott1
8 52 Cambs1
9 51 PotOfGold
9 51 fulch
11 49 McRad
12 48 the_rocketeer
13 38 megamike1989
14 37 IrishKev
15 35 Bons_210309
16 29 Cedy027




Final League standings:

So the pressure finally told. In the end, Aussie rose through the ranks to peak at the top at the final hurdle and is crowned the new Freepool Champion. Congrats man. See you in the Moneypool.

Big shout out to Anewbie who was so close for so long. Unlucky kid. And well done to Scott1 for sneaking that 3rd place.

Thanks for playing lads.







3 648 scott1
4 638 karpentero
5 635 Dlocc
6 606 Bons_210309
7 600 McRad
8 591 megamike1989
9 581 fulch
10 540 Cambs1
11 528 IrishKev
12 525 Cedy027
13 523 PotOfGold
14 521 the_rocketeer
15 516 wolfman13
16 498 bezeau24
17 486 diazsweedman
18 457 vhw
19 454 Plainview
20 443 Scaly_Manphi
21 409 TheNextDamnChamp
22 369 chrism
23 312 T_BUCK7
24 293 Raymondo
25 263 phillie90
26 124 paulnewman
27 92 UKBlitzkrieg
28 66 TheMmaIndia

Bracket Tourny Final.

After 64 qualifiers from both pools, there was only room for one winner. And he was none other than the new Freepool Champion. Aussie pretty much massacred Phase in the final, more to the point. Phase had a bad night at the worst possible time. Well done to ye both anyway.


Double Champ!!

Freepool and Bracket Tourny champion.


The end?

That's the end of me running the Bracket tourny also. I was going to continue it, but Dooby seemed desperate to have control of it. He has left his mark already and I can only trust he will improve on an already winning formula. It's a simple and straight forward idea and Dooby has got skills in the graphic side of things, so he'll be running it with my blessing.

So make sure you fucktards get off to a good start for the new season, regardless of which pool you are in, and make me proud. Qualify for that shit and enjoy.

Not quite the end for me!!

I'm not quite done running things around here. Not just yet. Ya see, doin the re-caps was head wrecking. But now that I'm moving on, idea's have been running through my mind, and I have a new idea already. A new competition in the works.

Stay tuned!

The devil makes work for idle minds.

Check it out you motha fuckas.

Thats your fuckin lot Maggots!!

Former Freepool Champion and Commissioner signing off,


Over to you Vhw




You have just reached the Bottom of the post!

Laters fuckers!!

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