Legacy Fighting Championship 22 results and play by play

Legacy Fighting Championship returns to AXS Television with a card headlined by Paul Buentello and James McSweeney.

Tonight (August 23, 2013), at the Lubbock Civic Center in Lubbock, Texas, Legacy Fighting Championship returns with Legacy Fighting Championship 22. Headlined with a light heavyweight bout between Paul Buentello and James McSweeney, and also featuring Jonathan Lopez facing Joseph Sandoval, the card is a solid dose of regional mixed martial arts (MMA).

The fights go live at 10:00 p.m. ET on AXS Television.

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Quick Results:

James McSweeney vs Paul Buentello - Paul Buentello wins by TKO

Artenas Young vs Erick DaVila - Eric DaVila by Split Decision

George Pacuriu vs Aaron Cerda - Aaron Cerda wins by Doctor Stoppage.

Jonathan Lopez vs Joseph Sandoval - Joseph Sandoval wins by TKO.

Justin Reiswerg vs Luis Luna - Luis Luna by Unanimous Decision.


Matt Roth, here.

Justin Reiswerg vs Anselmo Luna

Round 1: Hard leg kick from Luna to open the round. Reiswerg responds with punches. Reiswerg gives up his back and he's suplexed to the mat. Reiswerg stands and looks for a takedown of his own. He briefly get the fight to the mat. They clinch again and Luna hits a nice judo throw. Luna stands and Reiswerg is back to his feet. Luna slips and Reiswerg has his back looking for a choke. Reiswerg has hooks in and Luna is fighting hands. Referee tells them to stay busy while Reiswerg has a tight body triangle. Reiswerg is working for a choke and then a face crank. Luna survives and then locks in a guillotine. Reiswerg survives and the bell sounds. 10-9 Justin Reiswerg

Round 2: Nice back and forth action in the second round. They trade punches and kicks before Reiswerg hits a nice takedown. Luna is right back to his feet and his a takedown of his own. Reiswerg is looking for a guillotine but he can't lock it up. Luna standing in his guard and Reiswerg lands a huge upkick. Horn sounds and that's another fun round. 10-9 Luis Luna

Round 3: Reiswerg throws a lazy front kick and he's dropped on his butt. Huge right hand from Reiswerg. Luna with a nice counter hook. Luna with a uppercut-hook combo. Reiswerg pushes forward but he's tripped by Luna. Nice exchange with Reiswerg landing a great cross to the chin. Luna hits a takedown and he's landing some punches from guard. Slight scramble and Reiswerg works for a heel hook but Luna slips out. Another takedown by Luna from a lazy front kick. Luna passes to side control and lands punches to the bell. 10-9 Luis Luna

Official Result: Luis Luna defeats Justin Reiswerg by Unanimous Decision. The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.


Jonathan Lopez vs Joseph Sandoval

Round 1: Lopez lands a huge knee to the body as they clinch against the fence. Knees to the legs and Sandoval just looks to be hanging out. Lopez is working for a takedown and though Sandoval defended well, he was eventually slammed to the ground. Lopez has Sandoval's back and is working for a rear naked choke. Nice defense by Sandoval but he's just surviving. Sandoval is able to turn in and takes top position. Really nice scramble and Sandoval stays on top. Knees to the body by Sandoval. Late guillotine to close the round but Lopez survives. 10-9 Joseph Sandoval

Round 2: Lopez lands a flying knee and Sandoval clips him with a right hook. Sandoval pushing forward with punches and they're exchanging in the middle of the cage. Leg kick drops Lopez. Sandoval lands two axe kicks. That's crazy. Another axe kick and Lopez is back to his feet. Lopez exhausted. Sandoval is just picking him apart. Lopez with a desperation takedown attempt and Sandoval just kicks him in the ribs. Jeez, 2:30 left in the round. That's gotta be hell. Sandoval is pouring it on and looking for the stoppage. If he can land for a few seconds the ref will have to stop this. Lopez takes three knees to the body and then looks for a single. The referee jumps in to stop it as Sandoval is just beating up those guts.

Official Result: Joseph Sandoval defeats Jonathan Lopez by TKO (referee stoppage). The stoppage came at 4:18 in the second.


George Pacuriu vs Aaron Cerda

Round 1: Pacuriu lands a hook to open the first. Stepping left hand and follow up punches from Pacuriu before getting the clinch and takedown. Pacuriu is working from north-south and he's working to pass to mount. Cerda is able to regain his guard and Pacuriu is landing some big punches to the head. Two nasty elbows and then more punches. He's really bringing it to Cerda. Cerda throws his legs up for an armbar but he's got nothing. Referee warns the fighters to work. Wild right hands from Pacuriu to close the round. That was a clear 10-9 for Pacuriu.

Round 2: Pacuriu lands a left hook to open the round. Huge step in right hand from Pacuriu. Cerda is really tentative. Cerda takes a right hand to the body and then is taken to the ground. Pacuriu lets Cerda up and he's back to pressing the fight. Pacuriu slips and Cerda is working form his guard. Pacuriu worked for an armbar but gave it up and went back to guard. Cerda isn't doing anything with his position. Another armbar attempt and that one looked good but Cerda survives and ends the round working from Pacuriu's back. 10-9 Pacuriu

Round 3: Cerda lands two kicks to the body. Pacuriu looks for a takedown but Cerda reverses it and ends on top. Short elbows from Cerda. Pacuriu with a half-hearted armbar attempt. Pacuriu back to his feet and he works for a takedown but Cerda is on his back. Referee calls time so they can get a look at the cut on Pacuriu's head. That's a nasty cut. Texas doctor calls it. Terrible way to lose a fight but that's a okay call with all that blood. Fighter safety and all.

Official Result: Aaron Cerda defeats George Pacuriu by doctor stoppage. Stoppage came at 2:11 in the third.


Artenas Young vs Eric DaVila

Round 1: Young pistons out three punches as DaVila closes the distance. Punches before Young gets the fight to the ground. DaVila's face is a mess. DaVila gets back to his feet and Young lands some hard knees to the back of the legs. Referee separates the two men. DaVila is crushed with a left hand and puts Davila on his ass. DaVila looked for a sub but Young maintains control. DaVila hits a roll and has Young's back. He's working for a choke but there's not much time left in the round. 10-9 Artenas Young

Round 2: There's a lot of work agains the cage. DaVila is landing to the body and Young looks exhausted. Big cut on DaVila's face. Both of these guys are tired. Referee breaks them and DaVila's eye is damaged badly. DaVila tries to clinch but Young circles away. Exchange against the fence and DaVila clinches. Way slower pace this round. DaVila locks a guillotine to close the round. 10-9 Eric DaVila

Round 3: There's some fighting against the cage and the referee is looking for a reason to separate them. DaVila takes a knee to the groin. DaVila is just stalking. He's looking for revenge. Young landing punches and a knee to the body. DaVila pushes a thumb in Young's eye and there's another break in the action. Young wants tim but the referee says he's going to get the doctor. Action continues. Three clean punches from Young before another clinch. DaVila with a knee to the body. Just a lot of work against the cage. These guys are super tired. Referee separates them. Young is targeting the eye. Uppercut from DaVila. They're going after it to close the round. 10-9 Artenas Young

Official Result: Eric DaVila defeats Artenas Young by Split Decision. 29-28 DaVila, 29-28 DaVila, and 29-28 Young.


James McSweeney vs Paul Buentello

Round 1: McSweeney with kicks to open the fight. He then drops for a single and gets the fight to the ground. He's passed to mount and settles to taking his back. Right hand from McSweeney. He's trying to finish the fight with a choke. Buentello turns and then signals to the ref that he's okay. McSweeney lands short right hands. He's looking for the rear naked choke and Buentello is fighting hands. Buentello doing well to defend himself. McSweeney now going for an armbar. Buentelllo stacking well and he's escaped. McSweeney looks to sweep but Buentello lands punches from the top. McSweeney is breathing heavy. Punches to the body and head from Buentello. McSweeney isn't moving well and Buentello lands an uppercut. Right hand from McSweeney to the chin. Good first round. 10-9 James McSweeney

Round 2: Buentello lands to open the second. McSweeney looks to have found a second wind. McSweeney is throwing kicks well. Buentello short on a combination. Quick kicks from McSweeney to the body. Buentello lands a jab. McSweeney has found a home for his body kicks. Jumping right by McSweeney. He charges in and Buentello just ragdolls him to the ground. Punches to the body and face from Buentello and McSweeney is done. He gets stopped by punches to the body.

Official Result: Paul Buentello defeats James McSweeney by TKO (referee stoppage).

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