Phil Davis says Lyoto Machida 'habitually' leaves fights in judges' hands, not interested in rematch

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Davis vs. Lyoto Machida 2? No thanks, according to “Mr. Wonderful,” who has no interest in facing Machida again after defeating him at UFC 163 via controversial unanimous decision and says Lyoto is the only one to blame for the judges' decision.

It looks like Lyoto Machida won't get his rematch against Phil Davis, the man that defeated him at UFC 163 earlier this month on his own turf in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"Mr. Wonderful" escaped Brazil with a controversial unanimous decision win over "The Dragon," which had fight fans and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White confused about the judges' scores.

After the bout, Machida made his case for a five-round rematch, but Davis, for one, isn't having it and says the fact that the decision didn't go Lyoto's way is his own doing -- echoing the sentiments of Michael Bisping -- because that's what happens when you "habitually" leave it in the judges' hands.

Davis explained during his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"I have 12 wins, 11 wins, all those guys want rematches. You're not the first person who wants a rematch. You fight every fight like this. You fight close fights. Name one fight that he didn't finish where he beat the crap out of somebody. You live by that sword, you die by that sword. When you habitually leave it to the judges, that strategy will fail you. I can't say it any other way."

This guy feels the same way.

Phil did acknowledge Machida's puzzling style was hard to deal with and went on to reveal that despite what you think you might have seen, only one punch of Lyoto's first-round flurry connected, while the rest never found their mark.

Nevertheless, Davis will gladly take his third straight victory inside the Octagon while Lyoto goes to the back of the light heavyweight line as he sees his title fight dreams fade, little by little.

Just like his hopes for a rematch against "Mr. Wonderful."

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