Dana White unsure if UFC will return to Boston following 'Fight Night' issues with Culinary Union

Scott Cunningham

Will UFC Fight Night 26 be the last Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event that ever touches down in Boston? If Dana White’s answer during today’s (Aug. 12, 2013) media conference call is any indication, it very well could be.

Soak it up, Boston fans.

After this weekend's (Aug. 17, 2013) UFC Fight Night 26 telecast, you probably won't have another Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event in your fair town for quite some time.

Nothing personal, just business.

UFC President Dana White, who participated in today's (Aug. 12) "Shogun vs. Sonnen" media conference call, didn't give his usual "I can't wait to come back here again" shtick when asked if his mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion would make a return trip to "Beantown."

And you know who to blame for that.

The Culinary Union -- who aren't on ZUFFA's Christmas card list -- tried to convince the Massachusetts Athletic Commission not to license Chael Sonnen to compete at the event due to his past Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Consider it just one of many headaches that White doesn't need.

"I'd be a liar if I said no (about decision to return to Boston not being influenced by the commission). [Boston's] a great place to hang out with my friends and eat, but not a great place to put on fights."

The UFC brass had to jump through many hoops, such as the social security issues his foreign fighters were facing, in addition to overcoming the Culinary Union's complaints about Sonnen's participation. Those "dirty gangsters" play dirty, for sure.

"What these guys are doing, they're spending their union members' dues to try and hurt the UFC. It's so transparent and so ridiculous. For instance, what they do is they use other organizations on serious issues, whether it's women, gay rights, they use these different organizations to try and get what they want. If they get what they want, it's Station Casinos. If they get Station Casinos, it's another 10 million dollars a year for the union. So they will use any dirty tactic and spend as much money as it takes to get Station Casinos."

The social security issues, as well as "The American Gangster's" bid to get a license was taken care of and Sonnen will proceed to meet Mauricio Rua in the main event on Saturday night at the TD Garden. The FOX Sports 1 telecast will mark the second time the world-famous Octagon has touched down in Boston, with UFC 118 being the first back in 2010.

And according to the Las Vegas fight boss, it could be the last for some quite time.

U mad?

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