SERIOUS DISCUSSION: Do you think this p4p thing is getting a bit silly now?

On Saturday night, as many of you know Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman. Now Dana White announced at the post fight press conference that this means Anderson Silva is not the best fighter in the world and it is now Jon Jones who is #1 P4P. I don't really understand how P4P is chosen because it really makes no sense; record wise. You have the record as this at the moment:

1) Jon Jones ( Surpasses Anderson Silva as the GOAT due to Silva's loss against Chris Weidman {10} )

2) GSP (Takes the second position because Anderson Silva lost and this means he is no longer the best)

3) Anderson Silva (Lost to Chris Weidman = no longer p4p best)

4) Jose Aldo (Consistent champion on a 15 fight win streak in his career right now)

5) Benson Henderson (Won 3 close decisions as champion and 1 clear cut decision and is top 5 worthy ?!?!?)

6) Cain Velasquez (1 title defense! YES! 1 title defense against Bigfoot Silva LOL)

7) Demetrious Johnson (1 title defense in arguably the thinnest division in the UFC)

8) Renan Barao (*30 fight win streak and interim champion the * is because its a padded record)

9) Dominick Cruz (Bantamweight champion who has been shamelessly relegated to #9 on the p4p list because ... he's currently injured. Even though he has beaten Demetrious Johnson and is the champion at bantamweight which means he is ahead of Renan Barao on the Bantamweight rankings but not on the p4p list)

10) Chris Weidman (Beats Anderson Silva while he is showboating with his hands down and thus apparently is a Elite p4p fighter ... ok)

My version of the p4p list:

1) Jon Jones (Self explanatory really; i don't feel this needs to be justified much)

2) Anderson Silva (A unfortunate KO loss does not push him very far down the list especially when the fighter below him who is GSP was also knocked out in the middle of his title reign because he underestimated his opponent, i fully expect him to comeback and take his title back and then defend 1 or 2 times before a possible superfight and then retiring from mma to fight RJJ in a boxing match.) Matt Serra wasn't considered p4p so why should Weidman.

3) GSP (Consistent and dominant champion only ever lost once while champion and then regained shortly afterwards)

4) Jose Aldo (Elite Dominant champion)

5) Dominick Cruz (Dominant champion who has not lost since 2007 when he was submitted by his rival Urijah Faber, fully deserves this spot as he has one of the least padded records of any of the champions. The only reason he is not ahead of Jose Aldo is because Jose Aldo has more UFC title defenses)

6) Frankie Edgar (In my books still the Lightweight champion and only lost his belt due to incompetent judges.)

7) Benson Henderson (technically still the lightweight champion because the judges chose to give him the win for whatever reason they saw fit to award him the win. I for one am still baffled that he is still lightweight champion)

8) Renan Barao (Interim Bantamweight champion and has a questionable but still dominant 30 fight win streak. He needs to beat the champ Dominick Cruz to catapult himself into the #5 spot of the list)

9) Cain Velasquez (I don't put fighters in the top 5-7 or 8 range just because they won the title in heavyweight twice, especially when they were knocked out and have just 1 title defense to their name. Unlike the people who made these lists i have some respect for the lower weight classes, well apart from flyweight but the rest of the lighter divisions have some depth to them)

10) Demetrious Johnson (I don't rank him very highly because he is a champion of a division which is very shallow and only has one title defense against a fighter who is not even #2 in this shallow division. The only reason he's in the list is because he is a CHAMPION.)

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