Jon Jones: War Gods made Anderson Silva pay for abusing his gift and disrespecting Chris Weidman


Count Jon Jones among those who don't believe the UFC 162 main event was fixed, as "Bones" explains what happens when you anger the War Gods.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman in the main event of the UFC 162 pay-per-view (PPV), which took place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, back on July 6, 2013.

Watch it again here.

Now that "The Spider" has been squished, the opportunity for him to move back up to light heavyweight for a "super fight" against Jon Jones is out of the question. So, naturally, the media at today's UFC 165 pre-fight press conference (live blog here) wanted to know what "Bones" thought when he saw the Brazilian go belly up.

It all comes down to respect.

"I think Anderson Silva is a magnificent fighter. I think that he has an extraordinary gift. I think he's gotten to the point where he really believes in his gift and he's comfortable with his gift. He abused his gift, disrespected his gift, by disrespecting his opponent. Martial arts is a sport that is traditionally based around honor and integrity. You treat people with respect. He somehow lost sight of that and paid the ultimate price for it. I'm not over the Anderson Silva hype train. He was fighting at a masterful level, he just got disrespectful and the War Gods made him pay for it. He's still great in my book."

He's still the cat's meow in George St. Pierre's book too, another fighter who flirted with the idea of a Silva "super fight."

Jones -- who had to answer a few "respect" questions of his own (see why here), will move on to defend his 205-pound strap against top division contender Alexander Gustafsson at the UFC 165 PPV on Sept. 21 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If he wins, he probably won't have to answer any questions about fighting Silva, but with "The Spider" now out of the way, how long until we see "Bones" move up to heavyweight?

That could depend on "The Mauler" (or this guy).

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