Justice. Absolute JUSTICE.

My thoughts regarding the Chris Weidman/ Anderson Silva fight.

I think what is truly awesome is now we’ll never have to worry about the bs “superfight” between Silva & GSP and watch a much smaller man get beat up by a larger man as if it would prove something. I think it is so sad that if Silva beat GSP some people would think it would have somehow solidified his legacy. Silva fans would have emphatically pointed their fingers and said,”SEE??? THIS PROVES HE’S THE GREATEST GOAT THAT EVER GOATED OF ALLLL TIIIIIME!!!!!!!! *slobber slobber*

Yep. He had a chance to ride off into the sunset never being beaten in the UFC, let alone get knocked out cold. He had a chance to fight for the biggest purse in all of MMA in a Superfight with either Jones or GSP. Well guess what? J


I also think it is truly awesome that as much as I would have enjoyed watching Silva get destroyed by Jones, that is also a superfight that I now realize that I wouldn’t really want. Why? Because people (read; Silva nut-huggers)would have responded inevitably with,”Of course it happened that way. Look at how much bigger Jones is!”In effect, most would say it wouldn’t have really proved anything. Yes, I thought watching Jones dismantle Silva would be justice; But I was wrong. THIS is justice at it’s finest. Why? Because he was beat by someone HIS OWN SIZE.I don’t deny Silva his gifts; I only contend that he wouldn’t have been nearly as successful throughout his career without his continual physical advantages over his opponent-And this match PROVED it.

And yet….When it’s the other way around with GSP, and Silva is the one with the size/ length/ reach advantage, then it’s ok, right Silva nuthuggers? Then it would prove something if Silva had beaten GSP, right? Hypocrites.

And to all of you Silva fans who are walking around butthurt (oh, and I KNOW you are J) Just know this; I am ENJOYING it. I am S-A-V-O-R-I-N-G it.And I will continue to for a LOOOOOONG time. Not just the fact that your boy got beat, oh no; The fact that your boy got EXPOSED.

Maybe now you FUCKERS know how we felt when Fedor got beat. (Wooly, looking right at you ;-))Fuckin SUCKS doesn’t it? Fuckin SUCKS when your champion falls, when you watch everything they built up to that point just fall apart.Fuckin SUCKS when your champion has a chance to do something REALLY SPECIAL like retire undefeated (In Silvas case undefeated in the UFC) and then it gets RIPPED AWAY. In the BLINK of an EYE no less. FUCKIN SUCKS DOESN’T IT???? I remember when that happened. All the lolling when Fedor fell. All the photoshops making fun of him, etc. well, guess what? NOW it’s YOUR TURN! J Enjoy! DEAL WITH IT! WE're the ones LAUGHING! I HOPE IT HURTS FOR DAYS! WEEKS! YEEEEEEARS!*sticks up double middle fingers* Your TEARS are SO SWEET! And I drink DEEPLY of them.Ahh….

I just can’t describe how sweet this is. That not only did Silva get KTFO, he did it while acting like a disrespectful dumbass. It proved everything i’ve said alllll along, alllllll these years .About his attitude.. About his insincerity. About his CHARACTER. And in the end, it COST him. It cost him EVERYTHING with his career-HOOK, LINE, and SINKER.Oh,I know he'll fight again. And I don't doubt he will still have some great wins.But it'll NEVER be the same. Even if he wins back that belt, people will still always remember him getting knocked out because he was acting like a dumbass.Lmao.

And btw, you know what the sweetest part of all this is? The absolute, without a doubt, incredibly savory crème-de-la-crème of the entire situation? The fact that in spite of all he achieved throughout his entire career, he will be remembered THE MOST by people not for what he actually achieved, but as someone who LOST THEIR TITLE because they were acting like a DUMBASS. THAT is what Anderson Silva will be remembered for MORE than ANYTHING else. J

God. Gleason had it right. How sweet it IS!
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